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It´s me Attila  We ordered a item from Ebay 25 Apr, 2018 . This seller :
Sent the letter directly away the same time used Express Delivery - Yanwen Express Company . A woman sent a confirmation text message to our cell phone number +[protected] that the letter arrived to Sweden on 13Th of Maj 2018 and asked us to pay out double of what the item costs when we bought it . We did payed the money to her personal bank account directly as she said if we don´t than the package will be sent back . She was absolutely sure about that the package is from China and she erased the Chines tracking Number out of system completely as it is no longer needed because a brand new Swedish Original Tracking number will be used to Track the letter at Sweden PostNord Company . The new Swedish tracking number turned out as very invalid doesn't exist anywhere therefore can not be tracked . When we told here these she explained that because the letter in question is probably coming from The Solomon Islands without tracking number because it contains The Beads From The Cannibals and such letters do not have tracking number . We payed the money to the Swedish for delivery : to the woman at Swedish PostNord : Felicia Eriksson
PostNord Sverige Kundservice
Box 242
721 06 Västerås
Telefon +[protected] who erased the tracking number on the Chines letter UB007086394YP changed it to the invalidated Swedish original Tracking Number wich doesn't exist UB004218374SE and told us on the 13Th maj 2018 that the letter will be delivered in one week . where is letter from the cannibals on Solomon islands and where is the letter from Yanwen in China now ? The letter was sent to mother´s address : Eva Matyas - Docentgatan 1b. 21552 3Th floor - Malmoe - Sweden .
Regards : Attila


Jun 04, 2018

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