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This company is an absolute abomination of a company. I've had nothing but problems since day 1 (October to be exact) with them. Their service is junk, their customer service is twice as bad and that is being OVERLY kind. You wait on the phone for HOURS to talk to someone in any of the service departments. That is IF the "state of the art" system doesn't hang up on you in the meantime. They charge you for services NEVER received and when you cancel, they STILL somehow account that you owe them money for some stupid reason?

It boggles my mind how they are still in business.

Stay away a million times over. I would rather run a piece of string and 2 tin cans than deal with this horrid, awful, brutal, pathetic 3rd rate (and that is being EXTREMELY generous) "company".

I'm filing a Better Business Bureau complaint come Monday morning.

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  • Rc
      Jan 27, 2009

    Couldn't agree with you more.

    Yak Communications is running a scam. They will quickly sign you up to any and all services they can and no matter how many times you contact them to cancel these services, they keep billing you for them even if you never received them.

    I've been trying to cancel the service I ordered on Sept 15th 2008 since Sept 16th 2008 and no matter how many calls and Emails and frustration I get from waiting through hours of so-called "Billing Inquiries" option, no one ever processes it.

    Since I refused to pay for the services I never wanted or received, they have now forwarded my account to a collection company.


    Ryan Cashion in Montreal

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  • Pu
      Feb 03, 2009

    You should file a complaint with the CCTS at,

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  • Ge
      Feb 06, 2009

    I had the same problem and filed a detailed complain with the CCTS and got a response today saying they could not help because Yak only became a member of their organization in Nov 2008 and my issue occurred in October 2008. So i am lost now.. I'll try the BBB South Niagara (I live in St. Catharines, oN) and see what happens.

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  • Dy
      Feb 10, 2009

    Yak really took advantage of me...
    I had one of their "people" come to my house to get me to convert to their services... Since I was not so happy with Bell at the time I decided to change over. I asked them about long distance and I was told word for word "You can sign up for the un-limited long distance Canada plan. " I then asked if it was unlimited and her exact words were "It is unlimited, you could call a long distance number at the beginning of the month and leave the phone off the hook for the rest of the month and you would not be billed" I thought that this was great and for the first month I thought I had the long distance plan... I got my first bill and they charged me $86.00 in long distance. I called them and I did not even have the plan!! So they added the "plan" to my service and I got my bill this month. I was billed 28.32 for long distance. I Called Yak (waited on hold for 3.5 hours) to speak to someone and I was told that "the long distance plan has 500 minutes a month, after you use those 500 minutes you are then charged 3.2 cents per minute". I asked what can be done about the flaud that has taken place and they stated there is nothing they can do. On the phone the Yak Rep actually made reference to this happening to other people... I am getting away from Yak and going back to Bell as soon as possible. Bell costs a little more but they are easier to deal with. Stay as far away from Yak as possible.

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  • Pi
      Feb 12, 2009

    Yak is a shady company and their work ethic is among the worst I've ever witnessed. I was signed up for a Unlimited Long Distance in North America for almost 2 years. In January 2009, they began to "limit" the "unlimited" and charge 3.5 cents/minute for anything over and above 1500 minutes. This was not the case when I signed up almost 2 years ago. They did this without notifying the customer, so I didn't even have a chance to know that I was being billed over and above what I signed up for. When you telephone this company, you're on hold for a minimum of 80 minutes and then the "Supervisor" tells you that they truly understand but there's nothing they can do. So when you ask to speak yet to their Supervisor, the reply, "Im sorry our supervisors do not take the phone". I was told to write an email, however, in the same breath, it was stated that they get thousands of emails per day and it could take some time to get a reply! I'm sure they do get thousands of emails, and it's by no means, without a doubt, any type of fan mail. Steer clear of this company. I've placed a complaint with the website as mentioned above and this is far from over with me. I've since cancelled my service with them and moved on but will fight this issue. What they advertise, they seem to feel it's ok to change their product without notifying you first.

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  • An
      Feb 24, 2009

    I completely agree they have been sending the CGC collections after me for 360.00 for some service that was never activated nor used. This company is like you said an abomination, horrid, disgraceful worst company ever. I would never deal with them again or recommend it. If a sales man ever comes to your door slam the damn door in his face and lock it. By the way i got them to drop the bills after 1 year of calling them complaining and arguing with them. That is all I have to say. Disgusting.

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  • Ya
      Mar 14, 2009

    I have had nothing but problems with Yak as well. Being fraudulently lied to about internet speeds, improper billing, horrendous customer relations, etc.

    I am going to be checking into the possibility of launching a class action suit against these yo-yos because the CRTC, CCTS, BBB are all either unable or unwilling to do anything about these fraudulent hucksters.

    I am especially interested if anyone is actually receiving the full 5 mbit connection that they say is possible. From what I have seen or gathered, they do not even have enough bandwidth to be able to give these speeds and limit connection speeds and blame it on the lines or distance from the CO. When you first start the service, they give you an intentionally low speed, and hope you won't notice. When you complain, they will raise it slightly, but then say the lines aren't capable of more.

    I would also be interested in hearing from any disgruntled ex-yak employees who could shed some light on the internal practices and what they are told to tell the suckers err... customers to sign them up.

    Please send any "horror" stories concerning Yak to the e-mail address I created for this purpose. Don't send any names, addresses, or telephone numbers. Just an e-mail address so I can get back to you if I can get this suit to go ahead.

    An extremely disgruntled Yak customer.

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  • Ju
      Apr 02, 2009

    I have a nightmare story!
    I called Yak on plans of longdistance, thinking 18 so dollars for "unlimited" Longdistance was a great deal. I called them, they said they would hook me up if they sent me an invoice, i go to my bank, pay the invoice. comeback call them with a confrimation number, thusly they'd hook me up with services.
    Great plan!! (not) He told me it would take 7 business days to get the mail. I waited 7 business days, sent them an email (did this because the guy they had, had a horrible accent, hardly understood him (not french either)) I waited 2 months! no invoice. No phonecalls. and I thought I wouldnt have service! well! One day I went to call my Grandfather (who lives alone! In New brunswick, I'm in Nova Scotia!) I couldnt make a call! no long distance... what the heck? So I called my telephone provider... they told me I was with Yak for long distance! well I changed my long distance back, emailed Yak again. no replies! (I NEVER got replies via email!) you'd think after 5 or so months, they'd call you telling you you have an overdue account! NOTTA! but as soon as I went back to my current phone provider for longdistance, I was getting collection calls, 7 AM, everyday! that automated crap! So I just called them today (just now!) and guess what? according to them, i have to eat 107 dollars for their mistake, The rep. even had nerve to place the blame on me. "well you could of called or email" well I emailed! calling them was out of the question, due to the bad english skills of some guy from Iraq or somethin! (no offense) but when you hit "english" I expect someone to know english perfectly.

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  • So
      May 04, 2009

    Stay far, far away from Yak. Customer service is apalling !

    My brief sad story is the following: In July 08 I signed up for Yak's home phone service on two lines, and was promised that the services would be transferred in 10 days.One line was, but the second line was not transferred for almost 4 months! Each line is a different number, with a different outbound caller name and this was made very clear to Yak when I signed up (one is me, the other is my wife). When the second phone line was finally switched, Yak made the outbound caller name the same as the first line. It took several more months for them to correct the error. Next, I recently discovered that we can no longer accept collect calls anymore (and with children in the family, this is a saftey issue and deal breaker) because Yak changed my service without notice. Yak's explanation is that the ability to accept collect calls should never have been there in the first place, and that they were simply correcting this initial error by removing the ability to accept collect calls.

    Finally, if you want your phone bill to list the long distance calls you make each month, forget it. Yak's invoices only list the calls that are made after you have used the the number of minutes in your LD plan.

    Customer service is truly terrible. Long wait times, customer service reps speak from a script and provide little service and were occassionaly quite difficult to understand because of limited language ability.

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  • Sb
      May 16, 2009

    Yak... what $^T$%^king company.
    They phone and hang up almost everyday.
    Now they've taken to leaving messages that I'm 30 days over and they'll screw with my credit rating ??

    Did I mention that I've never been a customer of theirs ( always been with Telus), I've confirmed that my LD is still with Telus, yet Yak keep harrassing me.
    Filed numerous complaints with the CRTC but nada... I'm on the do not call list .

    I hone ed and asked who I was speaking with ... put them hold for a couple of minutes to go to washroom... came back and in my best FM radio vioce, asked for their home phone number... got most of the numbers before he wised up and asked why I need that ?
    I told them I wanted to call them at home day and night and hang up, over and over again, and leave threatening messages about their credit rating so they could see how much fun it is :-) I put him on hold again ( said someone just came to door... after 4-5 min I picked up expecting him to be gone, but NO he was still there... then I asked him how he could stand living with himself, how he could look at himself in mirror knowing that his job was to harass people and try to scam them ? No Answer ... then he hung up.

    Then I filed yet another complaint with the CRTC... when will they put these ### out of business?


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  • Fr
      Jun 08, 2009

    Yak is the worst provider ever, they are scammers, they need to be shut down

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  • Mo
      Aug 12, 2009

    I cancelled and PAID for my account, a plan that I have NEVER used AT ALL, NOT ONCE!!! And I am still getting three calls in ten minutes EVERY hour!!! I am so pissed with them! They are just messed! I told them that I was going to take legal action if they didn't stop b/c they are only allowed to make ONE call in 24 hours and I have a million messages on my phone, and their number on my call display PROVING that they are violating my privacy!!!

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  • Ca
      Jun 19, 2010

    Wow! After dealing with Bell Canada for 37 years, I finally pulled the plug on home phone, long distance, internet and satellite TV... and I have been absolutely thrilled with the service I have received from Yak. On the rare occasion (maybe twice) that I've had to call them, I never had to wait more than a couple minutes for their customer service rep, and always received assistance that solved the problem... unlike my abysmal experiences with Bell, who are still calling me with "special deals" to get me back. (Bell can file that under "fat chance.")

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  • Ke
      Feb 01, 2011

    One thing you guys dont know if that YAK uses the BELL phone lines. Your voicemail is not YAK's voicemail it is BELL's voicemail.
    Now to my complaint. I just got a call from their system bothering about my $0.95 past due account, yes, thats righ 95cents.
    Ok so i hang up on the message, waited a few seconds, picked up the phone and the message was still going, i could not hang up or make an outgoing call until the message was done.
    Thing is you have to think is what can you do if they call at the moment when somebody is like having a stroke or a heart attack that person will be [censor]ed.

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  • Ca
      Mar 26, 2011

    Still with Yak...still no problems... a million times better than dealing with Bell.

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