Ya Ya CreationsTerrible product, worse customer service.

If you are reading this review, you are most likely considering E Favor Mart/Ya Ya Creations/insert one of their many other business names here, for some sort of supplies for a special occasion. If I can persuade just 1 person from looking elsewhere, the time I spent on writing this review is worthwhile. I came across E Favor Mart while doing an internet search for frosted votive holders for my upcoming wedding. When I saw their prices, I quickly placed an order for frosted votive holders as well as candy scoops. I received my order promptly and was excited to see the votive holders and candy scoops. However, my excitement quickly dissipated as I heard glass stirring inside the box. I opened the box to find almost half of the votive holders were broken. In addition, I immediately started questioning the size of the votive holders that were intact. I attempted to fit either a votive or tea light candle in the holders and neither fit. I reviewed the website description, which clearly states a 2” diameter, pulled out a measuring tape and measured the outside diameter at less than 1 ¾”. In addition to the size being misrepresented on the website, these do not suit their intended purpose.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in City of Industry, CA My disappointment with the merchandise didn’t end there. I removed the candy scoops out of the box and out of their opened packaging and immediately noticed scratched off paint and broken handles. The candy scoops were shoved in a very small space between the box itself and the boxes of votive holders. It’s no surprise these arrived broken. I emailed customer service promptly as I found there is no phone number listed for this company. A day passed, then 2, no response. I contacted the company via live chat instead and spoke with Christine. Christine offered to send me replacement votive holders repeatedly. Christine failed to comprehend that these “votive holders” do not indeed hold votive, or tea light candles and are useless to me, broken or intact. I was offered a refund upon receipt of the merchandise, but would only receive 80% and would be responsible for return shipping. I asked to speak with a manager and was told I would receive a call within 2 hours. More than double that time has passed, no call, and yet, I’m not surprised at the lack of response. I’m now pursuing this issue with the BBB. Ya Ya Creations has had 51 BBB complains in the last 3 years, 33 in the last 12 months. Those numbers speak for themselves.

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