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Xcel Energy / unfavorable company

1 Minnapolis, United States

Xcel Energy is the Worst. I am a single Mom trying to make best of a terrible situation. I was on a payment plan and I missed the due date by 1 full day because I had an emergency that took the little funds I had. I borrowed the funds and I paid the full balance as directed, and two days later I get a bill saying one due date two weeks into the future for the entire balance. I figure Okay - I was late so I will take care of it. The very next day I get a disconnect notice saying to pay the past due in two days or call for arrangements so I called and asked to hold until Friday and she tells me NO, I can only hold it until Thursday. Seriously? Who does that? If I paid the full balance that was due and I tell them it was an emergency one would think someone would realize it is no THEIR Electricity that I am using. - these People feel no understanding while saying the understand. I can only hope they go through a tough time in their life where they truly need help - and they are told "Sorry, I understand but there is nothing I can do". Realize - If someone asks for help regardless if YOU deem it necessary - have compassion people. You won't always be on your high horse.

Aug 6, 2015

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