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Xbox Live / terrible support!!!

1 MI, United States Review updated:

In January 2008 I had called Microsoft to cancel my XBOX Live subscription since it auto renewed far a full year and I no longer had an XBOX. They would not refund my money, but said I had to pay for what I had used. I said fine, but I wanted it canceled IMMEDIATELY. Well several months later I was looking at my credit card statement closely and realized there were charges for XBOX Live on there. Apparently they put me on month to month billing for an account that was supposed to be cancelled. I called Microsoft and told them that I had tried to cancel this account months ago, and that I would like them to refund my money, since this was clearly their mistake. They refused. I asked to be escalated to a manager that I could submit a complaint about this situation, and the phone representative refused to do so. I asked if there was a place I could write a written complaint, and the women said I should go online to to do so. There is no place to do this on I am fed up. I will never purchase anything with a Microsoft logo again if they do not fix this!

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  • Tr
      21st of Sep, 2008
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    I can soooo relate to this. This is exactly what happened to me the other day.

    This is the worst support I've ever come across. I too cancelled my son's x-box live from my M/C, to only find out they continued to deduct money from M/C for next 3 months.

    I contacted them again and explained that they should refund me the last 3 months subscription fees because I did the right thing and had already cancelled previously, they said they could not do this and could not provide me with logical reason as to why, they just kept speaking their stupid programmed replies.

    I did demand to speak to their supervisor - I was left on hold for 20 mins before I spoke to him to only get the same response.

    This was my money how can they get away with this??

  • To
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Microsoft systematically uses these tactics to raise income. I canceled my sons xbox acct on sep 20, 2008 after 49 minutes on the phone. I was told he had two more days to play though already paid. (he did not play though) The rep said I would not be billed again. An independent customer service rep called on sept 26 to see how the service was. I told them it took 49 min to cancel this and service was extremely poor. The independent rep said she would put us at the top of a priority list and we would be recieving a cal on the 29 (no call) Lo and behold got my the credit card bill today and they billed for another month of service on Sept 22. Spent another 32 minutes on the phone tonight and was told the bill was retroactive for the previous month. HUH. My son only signed up for one month and it took us awhile to figure out they began charging us every month. Its not about the few dollars to me but the principal. Microsoft are thieves. This is ripe for a class action lawsuit. It is easy to deny someone over the phone for $7.99 and know that they want spend the effort to right the wrong for this amt. I will call my credit card tomorrow to block future charges.

  • Wi
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    Exactly what I am going through. I told my son, "Never again". I'm online looking up a place to file a complaint. Better Business Bureau? Microsoft, you should be ashamed of your practices. Sickening. Anyone who works there as a "customer service representative" should seriously hang their heads in shame. How can you go to work everyday knowing what you are doing to your fellow man? The sickest part is that children ask parents to sign up for this crap and then the parents can't drop it without a major hassle. I had to cancel my debit card to end this nightmare.It doesn't stop there, though. Now I must inform all my automatic bill payment accounts that I have new account numbers before they try to deduct payments from my old number. NEVER AGAIN. BELIEVE IT.

  • Dm
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Yeah, these guys are worse than the Wall Street bandits! Did the same to us even though we had a 13 month prepaid credit they billed the already canceled credit card...since the transaction failed they interrupted service until they could get a credit card to bill for another 12 months making a total of 25 months. The Customer service person actually tried to say that the prepaid and credit card were two different kinds of money...and I guess up is d0wn, black is white, the sky is water...

  • Xd
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    Xbox live Customer support is shocking, my account was corrupt so i phoned xbox and they said it was my connection at first, so i phoned my internet provdider and they said my connection was fine, that same day i was told by a differnt person that 1 of the xbl servers was down and it would be fixed within 2 days, 2 days laiter i could still not recover my gamertag so i phoned them up and they said it will be escalated further as they think it is corrupt and that it could take between 3-5 days to sort out and they would phone me if they had sorted it out, 5 days later, no phone calls, and i could still not recover my gamertag, so i phoned again and a differnt technichian said they could still not work out why its not working and said it could take another 2 weeks to sort out, to be honest i dont care about the account any more, i just want a refund of over 8000 microsoft points that i had on the account and my membership refunded, i just think xbox is rubbish when something goes wrong, and yet there are no ways to put a formal compllaint in you cant ring and complian, cant post complaints on, so i dont no what to do now.

  • Da
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Well not only did only realise you have to pay a monthly fee to use the xboxlive so i registered my card for the monthly fee, then my son started to buy things for his "AVATAR" and spent £1000 of my money over 6 months!!! Non refundable, i am now in so much debt, i could lose my house!!!

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