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Beware of xbox live billing and security practices. In 2011 I cancelled xbox live after I was billed the annual fee on a dormant account (fees ach out of bank account without notice); cancellation made 4/14/11 (day after ach billing); Microsoft REFUSED to reimburse the billing as I called one day past the annual renewal date-even though they could see that the account had not been utilized for the past year (as our xbox was given away). 2/15/12 another annual fee taken out (2 months before the year was even up on a cancelled account!!). They maintain a new purchase was made -utilizing my outdated credit card information-funny thing is that I have not authorized any charges and have not even had an xbox in my home for over 3 years! They cannot even tell me who placed the order or authorized the charge. Also, they maintain that although the card expired 1/2010 the billiing agreement gives them carte blanche to continue to run billing against expired cards without owner authorization. Hmmmm-doesn't pass the reasonability test. I wonder how many other people on FB have had a similar situation. I'm also wondering why the leader in software does not have tighter security requirements and controls to protect it's consumers-massive failure in risk mitigation! Lastly, if Microsoft can't tell me where this "order" came from -that they charged me for- it seems reasonable that this could be related to hackers that have figured out how to get their annual xbox live access - free of charge-on the backs of microsoft consumers. I'm looking for anyone that has had this experience-I'm wondering if there is a class action lawsuit opportunity.

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  • Xj
      28th of Aug, 2012

    I just had the same exact thing happen to me. I have had to call them every 3 months for the past year because they continued to bill me AFTER I had cancelled my account. I even got a new card. The refused to reimburse me and were extremely unhelpful. Just tried to have my account deleted AGAIN even though they had said it was deleted the first time. A bill of $25 every three months adds up. I haven't even owned an XBox in over a year and a half.

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