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This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever endured. Our XboxLive account was suspended for an autodraft that was not authorized. I just completed my 3rd phone call to the "service" line after being assured 2 weeks ago that the situation was resolved. 2 1/2 hours later I was informed by the 6th person I told my entire story to that there was absolutely nothing they could do to resolve the issue until I paid the balance they said was due. I spoke to the highest person that I could and he basically said this problem was all our fault and that they aren't responsible for customers who don't understand their policies. Moral of the story...DO NOT give XboxLive your
credit card number! And good luck if you ever have to call their helpline.

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  • Ta
      Dec 09, 2009

    Do NOT set up an account with XBox live!!!

    If you have a problem with your account:

    1) they speak very poor Engish

    2) they do not want to help you

    3) they will refuse to cancel your account and will continue to bill your credit card!!!

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  • Dj
      Jun 22, 2010

    The Xbox Live greed and convolutedness has not changed. Trying to remove my credit card using their software and procedure is BS it is not allowed. I paid up for a year subscription and owed nothing but the greed will not allow for no reason except policy and to tempt you to purchase the crap they sell you.

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  • Ir
      Jun 28, 2010

    I signed up on the XBOX Console for 3 months through my credit card after taking a trial. The service was fun, but I had to move back with family in another city, so I wasn't sure if I'd use the service again. In Sept, I didn't need to call XBOX Live to renew, so I didn't. 6 months later, looking at my statement, not only did XBOX Live charge me for Sept-Dec, they charged me for Dec-Feb, which is really funny, seeing as I had lost my credit card so had to change the number. I asked how they got my number but they wouldn't tell me. It's obvious, they look up your credit card info. and charge your new card WITHOUT EVEN LETTING YOU KNOW. I hope these criminals get charged or at are at least bankrupted after civil suits.

    Also, I've spoken with several (at least five) cust. service reps, including two managers, on different days, totaling over 2 1/2 hours (literally), but they all refused to credit me anything, only telling me, "Well, you've already paid for this 3 months, so you have until the 28th [month from then] to use it." They insulted me more by asking if I was interested in renewing. I felt like cursing them out then, but only said, "I might've, but since you've been charging me without me being able to use this, I definitely won't be."

    Stay away from XBOX Live. They charge your credit card, steal your number and use it when you don't authorize them to, and don't even do so much as apologize or refund ANY money. They're a terrible service that I hope goes out of business soon. They've stolen only $59.97 from me, but please I caught onto their larceny, so they'll charge me no longer (so they've said). It's up to you, the consumer, to make sure they aren't ever paid in the first place. I hope you heed my warning, or don't complain when they began to steal from you, because it'll do nothing but give you a headache and tarnish your viewpoint of Microsoft, like it did me.

    "So you want me to tell my bank that XBOX Live is full of crooks?" "Yes, sir." -My convo with one of the XBOX Live representatives who suggested I tell my credit card company to stop their payments.

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  • Di
      Dec 28, 2010

    stay away form xbox. 4hours on phone. no custoer service. stealing peoples money saying not authorised to process what you request. dont trust dont trust dont trust. purchased prepaid xbox points from bjs and not able to put on account. got shuffled from rep to rep. shame on such a company. a shout out to bill g. I WILL NEVER BUY MICROSTFT AGAIN SHAME ON HIM BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE WHO CREATED THIS RED TAPE MESS. I HAD ZUNE AND NOW HAVE IPOD I HAD XBOX AND NOW HAVE PS3 I HAD WINDOWS AND NOW HAVE APPLE GOODBY MICROSOFT. HAVE A NICE DAY HELPING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. ILL BE GIVING CUST SERVICE IN THE GREAT COUNTRY OF AMERICA

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  • Xb
      Jan 02, 2011

    I got the free 1 month trial of Xbox live it completely messed up the credit scoring on my copy of Halo Reach it was my favorite game until I got Xbox live, Thanks Alot Xbox live you SUCK!!!Hope you read this.

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  • Di
      Jan 10, 2011

    I have this issue below as email ms xbox tech support, the problem started prior to 11/20/2010 and to this day I have not received the controllor. this is one of the worst customer support i ever experiance and today is 1/9/2011 and i had it with this unpresedent behaviour of ms employees and thier lies, I have send my son controller certified and have proof they received it on 11/22/2010 10 am and the claim they didnt get it until mid 12/2010, I am thinking to take them to court not for $50 controller, but to teach them a lesson, hope to find group of people who experiance the same issue to join.
    this is what email them and followed by numbers of phone calls, I am really frausturated at this point.
    This Xbox I bought for my son and I really was so disappointed with this purchase, due to the fact that both wireless controllers are defective, those 2 controllers came as a backage with elitte console I bought, and it is not even 2 months since i bought this xbox, and I picked the most expensive one available in the store was little over $400, and now I have sent the first controller 11/20/2010 and have not recieved it back yet from service, on top of all this I had to pay for shipping and item still under warranty, the service # for this repair was 1143109640...I called about one week ago to complain about the 2nd controller and was told to send this one too to service department, but unfortunatly since I didnt get my first controller yet, I decided to wait until i get the first one and then will send the 2nd one.
    I would like to get this matter resolved asap.

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  • Kd
      Mar 05, 2011

    Take them to small claims court. You may ever get to talk to them face to face but at least they will have to answer for what they have done.

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