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Xbox 360 / not reading disc

1 fitzpatrick, AL, United States

microsoft could care less about there customers and i think that its time the customers took a stand. we spend thousands of dollars on equpiment and games form a system that was poorly desgined. themn when the system cant handle the constant ammount of playtime that real gamers put it threw it breaks down and MICROSOFT wnats to charge you to fix something that should have been fixed before it left the desging stages. I havew had my system for 1 year and 2 months i got the red ring of death i used the towel method to fix it and now the CD drive has gone out i contacted customer service and was told that i have to pay to fix it this is insane i paied $575 for the Haylo 3 xbox console and have spent $1500 in games and equpiment and now they want me to pay th fix something that should not have broken this soon! I THINK NOT!!! as i i said before it is time that we unite against this growing issue of poor customer service and crapy products how many poeople have bought something and it either dosent do what it was made to do or it breaks. I have an Email account with Yahoo under this name and i think that if enough people get together and threten to sue microsoft they will have to listen to us i know everyone here is tired of being abused by these big companies Email me and if we can get enough people together we can put an end to this.

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