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I signed up as a tutor with WyzAnt. They are a horrible company and I urge any who wish to tutor not to bother with these scam artists and have nothing to do with them. I am a certified teacher having a teachers license in mathematics. I thought I would tutor students in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and other math subjects. This service is pathetic. It is a scam and should be shut down by the consumer protection agency.

No matter what student I contacted assuming they are real and exist, I got zero responses after about 40 tries. Every message is the same. The student would get back to me via their email. We are not allowed to use our own emails. No one emailed my account, not one so called student called. Mind you I am not some [censored] off the street. I AM A CERTIFIED MATHEMATICS TEACHER FULLY LICENSED BY THE STATE. I got zero responses.
This service is corrupt and is about as big as a rip off scam service as their is. I urge anyone who wants to tutor especially those who wish to tutor in math to not waste their time with this site. To my fellow mathematics teachers, this is your warning. Avoid this site and use your time for more productive pursuits.

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  • Xm
      22nd of Jun, 2011
    -5 Votes

    Hello fellow tutors,

    I am also a tutor with Wyzant and couldn't disagree more with the previous review. The reason no personal information is exchanged is so that Wyzant gets their fair share of finding you a student. That's all there is to it. If they find the students they want and are entitled to their finders fee. If you want to find students are your own, you are free to do that, but don't use Wyzant to find students and then try to cut them out of the process. I have found plenty of students. Sure, I wish I could get the entire 100% of my tutoring fee, but I give it up in order to get the students. I am a tutoring with other sites, as well, and that is the way it is done. Feel free to post on Craigslist, hang up flyers, pay for a yellow page ad. Or, you can pay a finders fee. End.

  • Ti
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    For my part I am very satisfied with the service that Wyzant offers and the level of the students I've contacted and tutored. But then - my expertise is in English and writing. Sounds like sour grapes to me...there was no definitive substance to the complaint - just accusations.

  • Ti
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I disagree with the complaint. It sounds like someone is venting and making a complaint with not much substance. I have been a tutor for almost 8 months and have had no problems with the company nor with students or potential students. I guess its all in the approach and what you expect.

  • Ir
      24th of Jul, 2011
    +9 Votes

    I am a certified teacher with a state's credentials and an advanced degree. Wyzant was very arrogant in their communication with me. They were like a police asking for all private information. Then they cut me very rudely out of their lists because I did not bring them any income. They were unpleasant. I had a feeling I touched a powerful greedy animal.
    It is a money making machine for its administrators, who are polite when they think they can make an income from you, and rude when they think you are no value for them.
    Good luck to all tutors who have jobs from them, and my support and sorry for those certified teachers who were treated badly by them like I was.

  • Li
      9th of Aug, 2011
    -3 Votes

    I have been working with WyzAnt for the past couple of months now, and love it. They pay me on time, and I have gained great student connections in the process. I suggest that whoever posted the original complaint should work on improving their public profile to gain better marketability. The students are legit - they just don't feel like hiring you, Mr./Ms. "Certified Mathematics Teacher".

  • Pa
      20th of Oct, 2011
    -3 Votes

    This company is not a scam. I have found four wonderful students through it, and I am always paid on time. The only bad thing about it is that they take 40% of what I make, so I have to charge high fees just to get what I would normally charge much less for. After 20 hours working for them, you get 65% of what you charge, and after 50 hours you get to keep 70%, so in time this company does give you more money

  • Re
      20th of Oct, 2011
    -6 Votes

    I have been on wyzant since the beginning of the year and absolutely love it. They have more incoming students any other site I have ever used. They do take out a percentage from your earnings but since they do not ask for any up front fees I think it is better than other sites that do. When you first sign up they ask for detailed background experience so they can make sure you legitimate. Also they recommend that you fill out information about subjects you want to tutor that are not general or not major subjects such as in K to 6th grades in general or Flute. Since they test on other subjects they want as much detail on your background with these subjects so that they and any potential students know that you are not only qualified but also have experience. I have noticed that since there are several other tutors in my area that if I don't message a student right away I don't hear back. Many of my students have mentioned that they heard from many tutors when they first inquired and they went with the first one that contacted them. Any problems associated with this site is probably someone who either did not have enough experience, could not write it in a way that promotes their abilities or did not try hard enough to contact potential students in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Mr
      7th of Nov, 2011
    +8 Votes

    My beef with Wyzant is simply that their fees are too high. They do provide an advertising service, and compensation is warranted. But they want to collect almost half of my income, in perpetuity. That's more than the IRS. This is greed, and it is abusive towards a vulnerable service sector (educators). I do encourage everyone to make full use of Craig's List and other services.

  • An
      15th of Nov, 2011
    +10 Votes

    I am new to Wyzant. I am also a credentialed math teacher. It is annoying to me that they require tests in order to become certified to be able to "submit a lesson" and get paid, especially when I provided proof of my credential, AND even more especially, after they allowed me to go tutor one of their students. Now, I can't get paid until I take their silly time wasting tests. I even wrote to them to ask about this issue. They just replied with what appears to be a "form letter". It's probably automated... I bet no one even read my request. I also think that their cut is far too much. 40% is not a finders fee. If they provided full time work, and benefits, then I could see taking that deep a %, but not for the occasional referral. Either there are a lot of tutors out there who highly value not having to organize their billing and payments, or there are enough tutors who use Wyzant just to fill in here and there when they have openings in their schedules. Other than find clients, that's really all they help with is billing and payment.

  • Dp
      8th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @A_nonymous While they charge 40% at first, it eventually goes down to 25% once you have 200 hours in. They developed the website, mobile app and do all of the advertising, among other expenses to keep them running. It would cost me a ton to do the same. I've been working with Wyzant for about a year now and 90% of my students find me. I priced myself high enough to be worth it and low enough to put me in more searches. They pay on time and I never have a problem. I'm very happy. Give it another chance.

  • Vm
      17th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I do find it annoying that the jobs list on WyzAnt doesn't changed as frequently as I think it should, and I am limited to 5 student email contacts within a 24 hour period. Sometimes a bunch of jobs get posted that I am eager to help with, and I don't like having my hands tied. It feels like I am paying a considerable commission to WyzAnt for its ability to connect me to students, and then it ties my hands. Having said that, I have had several good students come from WyzAnt.
    I am also tutoring through ClubZ, which is structured very similarly, except that they choose the rates and pick the students. The WyzAnt process seems more automated so the tutors are more independent. WyzAnt staff does respond quickly and clearly to any of my questions, and not with "form letters" unless it was a common question. I am also tutoring through Huntington Learning Center doing ACT prep, among other things. Even though I had taken the ACT about 3 years ago and scored in the 99th percentile, I had to do a take-home ACT to prove that I know the material. I think it is not unreasonable in the least to have a set of tests before you enter into a new tutoring company. I have to call A_nonymous on that. Taking a ten question test to show you know algebra 1 is a stupid thing to complain about, especially compared to taking the whole several hour ACT with the intent of tutoring math.
    In response to the original post by Liderman: How long did you stick it out with WyzAnt? Many of the students who send in inquiries are only somewhat serious about contacting you. They are probably looking at many different tutoring companies, and within WyzAnt there are many different tutors to choose from. They will most likely go with a) the first one who contacts them, b) the cheapest one they can find, or c) decide they don't need to pay for a tutor after all because they'll just figure it out on their own. Most student will not send rejection emails to everyone they don't go with. I have sent out many emails that have gotten no response, but that is due to the students not the company. I move on and have been successful with other students through WyzAnt.

  • An
      17th of Nov, 2011
    +2 Votes

    V_MacBrian. Thanks so much for telling me that the test is only 10 questions! They made it sound like it was extensive. I wouldn't have complained if I'd already taken it, and found that it was short. I really appreciate your mentioning that the tests are short. I can fit that in easily, so now I can go ahead and take all of the tests, and start submitting for the tutoring I already did!

  • Gr
      28th of Nov, 2011
    -8 Votes

    I also disagree with the complaint. I have worked for Wyzant for over a year now and have been very pleased with the company. I have had steady clients for quite some time now and I credit Wyzant for helping me to find these great students. It took about a month for me to figure out the best way to market myself but it was worth the effort.
    Wyzant isn't trying to interrogate you, they're following a proven procedure that helps to protect you and the students you will be seeing. I appreciate that I have never had a late payment from them, they promptly answer my inquiries, and they have always been polite with me.
    Wyzant can't force students to contact you. Had you changed your communication style with your potential clients or possibly your introduction on your profile page, you most likely would have seen different results.

  • Mi
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    Best Best Advice +11 Votes

    Wyzant is a scam. They take too much from my paycheck!

  • Tu
      23rd of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I understand your complaint. It's easy to believe you're getting access to people needing tutors, but it's harder to realize that you are only getting access to a "marketplace" where potential students visit and tutors have take actions to compete with other tutors to get the prospective students to sign up. In my category of graphic arts I get a chance to land a student about once a week. Currently I land about 30% of the students I reach out to, but this didn't happen over night. I had to lower my original price per hour. I had to go online everyday and send an email as soon as a prospective student appeared on the list. I had be a marketer and write a "selling" profile for prospective students to see I was eager to "work for them" and that I had "assets that set me apart from other tutors." I have a Masters and a California State Vocational Instructor's license and have written a leading college textbook in advertising, but think about it, someone seeking a tutor is under pressure and feeling fear - all the degrees in the world won't get them over their anxiety. They need a friend who is politely knowledgeable, not a pompous bragger. One day my account disappeared from their system and I got an email saying I had been discontinued. What a hit! I thought I was doing well! I called their office and as it turns out their computer program decided I wasn't doing something correctly and that it decided my sales were too low (yes, the computer wants you to make sales or else you're not much assistance to anyone). But I called and asked what was happening and the next day I got a nice email back explaining what the computer had done and that upon review the problem shouldn't have happened and a few hours later all was reinstated. So I can see why the original complainer could be angry, but it may be more of a reflection of that person's belief that they are a good tutor without any consideration that the computer and the prospective students don't like the negative vibes that they are getting. All I can say to those who complain is that: Wyzant is not a scam (that's where you pay for something and don't get the product or service). Wyzant doesn't ask for money up front, it only takes a piece of what you earn - of course, if you don't earn anything after they offer a free pathway to reach students, then the blame only falls on you.

  • Ok
      10th of Apr, 2012
    +2 Votes

    They filter the emails so it is difficult to get in touch with tutors.

  • Ny
      19th of Jun, 2012
    +5 Votes

    After not receiving 2 checks that were supposedly sent to me at my NYC business address (never had problems getting other mail), they shut down my tutoring account on the same day that I was supposed to see a student who really needed my help. The student's info was contained in the account so I could not contact them. I NEVER received payments and they SCREWED the student. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

  • Ka
      2nd of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I have worked with WyzAnt for about six months to a year. In that time I have completed over 100 hours of tutoring. I have had many clients who contacted me who never filled out their payment information. However, of those I have tutored all of these have been great students to work with. I like the safety of Wyzant's screeening process. I like the direct deposit system through I always faithfully get paid. If I tried to function on my own without Wyzant I would have to do a lot expensive advertising and I would have risk of potentially not getting paid. I appreciate the safety of tutoring through WyzAnt. I do not see WyzAnt as a scam at all but a professional tutoring network. I have gotten all my business through Wyzant. And I have even had repeat business. I have made over 2, 000 of extra income with WyzAnt. This money that I would not have had without their website. I highly recommend them.

  • Da
      12th of Jul, 2012
    -4 Votes

    I have worked with wyzant for a year now as a part-time tutor as well. I am a Massachusetts certified 8-12 math and physics teacher and have had no problem getting perspective clients for them. They always have paid me without a problem via direct deposit and I have made about 130 hours of tutoring for them during my first year. I think that people who say they are a scam are either unfortunately not in a very marketable geographic area for tutoring (which is definitely sometimes the case) or they have had some problems with promoting themselves as tutors as one needs to do. Wyzant is merely a website that is an aid to allow a tutor's job to be easier. It cuts out the middle man that one needs in taking care of the administrative red tape so that the tutor can do what he's paid to do without wasting time with the other stuff. I tutored math for many years on my own and appreciate not having to worry about keeping track of records in detail come tax time etc. and also appreciate the way it helps me promote myself as a tutor...and essentially leaves me to teach math and science one on one with people to the best of my ability. I strongly disagree with anyone who says there is a scam related to this service which has been such a help and blessing to me.

  • Ki
      1st of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I've worked with Wyzant for three months and so far have had a good experience. I do think that the initial percentage of pay that they take is very high; however, I've heard that tutoring centers take an even higher percentage of the hourly rate. Like most service jobs, it's up to the tutor to sell their services. I've received all payments so far and find that the site is easy to use. I like the fact that they give me alerts of emails on my personal email which I tend to check more often than the Wyzant site. I'm sorry that the math teacher did not get any jobs, but perhaps it has something to do with how/what they wrote in response to interest from potential clients. It's hard to come up with cheery greetings; maybe he/she needs to have someone help with standard marketing responses. It's frustrating to bang your head on a closed door - I wish that person all the best but also think a good, hard look at what they've been doing so far to get the jobs is warranted.

  • Ma
      13th of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I agree 100% with fellow commentators that WyzAnt are scam artists. I am also a NYS certified teacher and an experienced tutor and I responsibly state that WyzAnt is a big time scam and totally unprofessional website. I would say they are the worst. An advice to parents of students and students who need tutoring: stay away from WyzAnt and other similar crooks. I was assigned to them, then waiting, and waiting, and I continued receiving a lot of maessages from parents and students who wanted to start lessons immediately. I am a very punctual person and I show my respect to parents and students by always responding quickly and timely. WyzAnt was ignoring them and did not allow me to have the least personal contact with them via my e-mail or my phone number. I put my phone number in my reply to their messages in the WyzAnt website and WyzAnt deleted them. Then, I replied to the prospective students giving them my website. Then, WyzAnt deactivated my account. It seems that they just steal students' money and manipulate tutors. The worst and most stupid thing I did by signing to their ridiculous website was to give them my social security number as they said their accountant may need it so they can give me a W-2 for my taxes. If they try to steal money for me or do any kind of identity theft, I will definitely sue them. However, one thing is for sure: the best solution is prevention. DON"T EVEN BOTHER TO DEAL WITH THOSE CROOKS!!! INTERNET IS NOT SAFE!!!

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