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Wyndham Resorts / Deceptive Business Practices and refusal to cancel contract within 6 calendar days

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

I had to call Wyndham hotels regarding a hotel reservation. In the course of the conversation, the reservationist asked me if I'd be interested in a special progarm Wyndham was offering since I was a valued customer. He connected me to what I later found out was their Wyndham time share unit. They offered me a two night stay in Vegas for $150 on the condition I tour their new Vacation resort in Vegas for two hours. I agreed and was charged the $150. Later I found out that where I was staying was at Harrah's Casino and I had to not only pay the $150 but also the room taxes. My two night mid-week stay cost more through Wyndham than had I simply booked Harrah's on my own though their online specials!

I was also promised a certificate for a free night at any Wyndham property once I attended the tour as well as some coupons for free car rentals. These I never received even though I asked four times at the end of the presentation where my gifts where. The salesperson said, "We'll get them for you as soon as we're finished here." At the end as I was leaving, I asked on more time and was told "Oh those are sent to you later on."

Well it gets worse. We declined the "timeshare deal" but the salesperson did talk us into their Discovery package which he kept referring to as a trial offer. I kept responding that I would not agree to anything unless I had ample time to actually receive written materials and have the ability to look them over. I guess you can call me stupid, but the salesperson assured me that after I signed, I had six calendar days to cancel if I didn't like the agreement. It took me less than one day to realize this was a terrible agreement and followed their cancellation requirements to the letter. I sent the materials back via Certified Mail, tracked the return and return receipt signature. I wrote a detailed cancellation letter and I also faxed them a cancellation -- all within one business day. I even made certain I kept a transmission verification of the fax. One week later my credit card was charged and now I'm embroiled in a dispute with Wyndham Vacations. Don't go anywhere near this company! Don't even accept their tour. Sign nothing with them and don't let them anywhere near your credit card. Visa has gone to bat for me, but the entire situation has been time consuming, frustrating and is still not resolved.

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  • Ge
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    Wyndham Resorts - Misleading information
    Wyndham Resorts Hawaii
    United States
    Phone: 808-921-1040

    Wyndham Resorts evidently instruct their employee's to seek out forums such as this one and blogs to promote Wyndham Resorts as a wonderful way to vacation. They are also instructed to mislead readers as to their actual position with the company. They come on as casual owners of timeshares and tell glowing stories of great success in their purchase. In reality they are 'placed' in various locations throughout the web to get free advertisement for Wyndham Resorts. I have caught two individuals who work for Wyndham doing this. The first one was Ben Galaviz at Wyndham Wisconsin Dells. Now, I have been attacked and labelled a 'Drama Queen' by Mr. Chris Norman a few days ago who works for Wyndham Resorts in Honolulu, Hawaii. His boss is John Gonsalves. Phone number 808-921-1040. Beware of those people who tell glowing stories of time share ownership as there are numerous problems and financial ruin that can occur when buying a $55, 000 unit.

  • Nd
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    I just posted on another thread about a similar situation I had with them. I too bought the $149.00 package, it was sold to me for Las Vegas, but then I ended up getting something for Wisconson Dells since they didn't have any openings or vacancies in LV at the time, or some other lame excuse. Anyway, I was told two conflicting things: one there is a 2 week money back guarantee, and two, I could cancel within a year and get my money back, since the package is good for a year. After the guy read the terms to me I asked him again if I did have the year to cancel, he assured me I did. The reason I was confused was because of the "2 week money back guarantee" and "cancel at any time" phrases in the terms read to me. Hence, I made sure I asked the guy what the deal was. Today I called to cancel within in my one year, and the customer service rep. said my time to cancel with a refund expired after the first 2 weeks from the sale. I told the lady I would report Wyndham to our attorney general and hung up. At this point, it will probably cost me more to actually go to the AG's office and file a complaint unless I can do everything online. Anyway, this company will never get another dollar from me, they've already gotten $149.00 of my money for nothing.

  • Fi
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    Never trust anything they say to you ORALLY. We discovered all sorts of things in the contract and the Discovery Book that were never revealed. I filed a complaint with Nevada Attorney General -- what a waste of my time. Got back an info pamphlet from them on time share advice for state of Nevada with a form letter saying they would do nothing!

    The way I got the swiftest action was to call Visa. Visa was wonderful. The one associate at Visa I talked to indicated he couldn't share with me that this company received tons of complaints but at the same time let me know that they constantly get calls from customers who have been deceived by Wyndham and Visa had no problems placing the amount in dispute and following up with me to insure the contract got cancelled. I also made certain I sent the cancelled contract back to Wyndham with my letter notarized and via certified mail. By having it notarized, I had absolute proof that I cancelled within the time frame of the cancellation clause. Also make certain that BOTH PARTIES whose names appear on the contract have signed the cancellation letter. Wyndham will look for any excuse to say you didn't meet the requirements of the cancellation clause.

    It taught me a very valuable lesson. No matter what someone says to you, NEVER EVER SIGN ANYTHING THAT DAY AND NEVER TRUST WHAT THEY SAY TO YOU ORALLY. If they refuse to allow you time to read over materials on your own, and do your own research, just walk out!

  • Me
      15th of Jan, 2011
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    My mother went to a seminar and the woman went back in the back with her credit card and told her she was going to check on a couple of things for her. She came back and told her that her card is now appoved for 14, 000. She gets home and she gets copies of a new time share she had supposedly purchased. The woman had forged her signature and everything. They had charged her card 16, 000 dollars. This has ruined her!!! She had the best credit ever and now she refuses to pay that amount and told bank of america she did not make the charge. She even sent bank of america papers with the forged signature on it. They will not even help her. When she called bank of america they said that she called and asked them to extend her credit limit and them cahrged this amount. The woman that worked for wyndome did everything. She should get arrested. Till this day they are still calling and this happened in 2007. To the guy who comented too about visa company I wish they would do the same for her but instead it is on her credit for life!!!

  • Wy
      21st of Feb, 2011
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    I'm a Wyndham Discovery person. They tell you nothing about the 3 day minimum stay! They also tell you nothing about how nearly impossible it is to cancel as reservation unless you're willing to let it go entirely. Example: I booked a reservation for March 14-18th. I wanted to cancel the first day and extend the last couple of days. Turns out that is was nearly impossible... here's why: "Ma'am, if I cancel the first day (the 14th), I will have to cancel the ENTIRE reservation and rebook it. Because there are none left, it may be picked-up by someone else immediately after I cancel it. I mean, I can try, but you'd be taking a huge risk."... "Yes, you may cancel any reservation 24 hours in advance without penalty, yep, that's our policy." "We're so sorry Ma'am. But you are a Discovery member which means that..." What it means is that I signed up to be hassled for canceling one night of my booking. I informed Wyndham in a very nice way that I did not approve of their bait and switch practices and that I would very likely let all of my friends, internet, et al, know that I am not satisfied with Wyndham and would not ever use them again in the future after this Discovery portion is over. Yep, nope, nothing. Was not able to convince a supervisor to let me cancel the one day without the risk of losing my reservation altogether... in seconds. Seriously?!?

  • Ms
      28th of Jun, 2017
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    We were taken advantage of by Smokey Mountains Wyndham Resort to the tune of $16, 00

    Don't go to any of their meeting or sign any thing They are out to take advantage of people

  • An
      12th of Jul, 2017
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    @ms bird Contact Jim at he can get you out and get your money back.

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