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Wyndham Professionals / Student Loan Repayment

1 Salem, NH, United States Review updated:

Wyndham professionals are far from it!!! They have the most unprofessional process in collecting money for student loans. It is funny that all complaints end up being about the same (lets be nice) lady! Courtney Gabbert!!!

They start by claiming to basically doubling your loan with interest if it isn't paid in full within 48hrs. Then ridicule you like you are the ### of the earth for not being able to keep you repayment current regardless of your situation. After killing her with kindness she they immediately call my employer to garnish my wages. Who knows what will happen. I offered to pay $200-$300/month on at $9800 loan and they would not accept anything but full payment or half down and a $1000/month, if I had that I don't think I would be in default! DUH! If you are dealing with them good luck! I don't know where this will end.

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  • Je
      24th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They called my house today looking for my sister. So I'm online looking them up. She tried to play off that she was a friend and then I was asking questions and the lady was getting mean. I must have been my sister's emergency contact # for them to call here. She didn't throw my sister under the bus but she was sure trying to pump me for information.

  • Tc
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I got a call at my parent's house which I haven't used their number IN YEARS. I called the lady back to find out what it was regarding. She couldn't find my account unless she had my social, and I refused to give it to her. I told her I researched her company on the Better Business Bureau and that I didn't believe they were legit. I told her that they just started to collect on my loans a couple months ago and that I knew she was scamming me.

    She said she would transfer me to her supervisor...she hung up on me instead.

    Any company that is collecting a debt for student loans would definetly be with the BBB!

  • Cr
      20th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had a very similar experience. They called my 80-year old grandmother's house and started asking about her financial information. She basically told tham that she couldn't pay them anything. She also refused to give them my number. I called the company that I have a loan with and they stated that they have never heard of Wyndham Professionals. My loan company told me that I was in good standing and that because I am still a student that I don't need to worry about this issue. The number that they called my grandmother from was a fax line. Whatever you do, do not pay these fraudulent people anything. I work for a 911 center and I am going to report this as fraud. I will keep all of you up to date.

  • Ag
      27th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree. They called me and said i was in defualt and that my loan had been referred over to them. They said I had to pay this ridicoulous amoutn of money. I told them i was tryign to make whatever payments I could. They demanded payment or garnish my wages. They knew that I worked for a federal agency and told me I could lose my job if i did not make arrangements to pay them. I did all I could as a single parent. They even asked me if i could borrow money from family. Oh how rude. Then to top it off they told me that if i made timely payments that i would have this removed from my credit. Yeah that has not happend and its been over a year. Also I am back in school and it took an "act of Congress" almost to get reinstated because they never sent my title IV paper work off. The school was frustrated as well as state student loan gaurentor. I am still dealing with these people. Someone should be able to do something about them. They way they acted was like I had no rights and would lose my job if they attempted to garnish my wages. This was so stressful and stillis today.

  • No
      13th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    It is against the law for them to refuse any payment. They cannot force you to pay large sums of money in 48 hours, but this is what they are doing to people and they are beyond hostile about it, these people are actually collection terrorists. I'm in the process of finding out anything I can about this company, they need a lawsuit filed against them of mass proportions. they are now harassing my grandmother who just recently had a stroke. They will be sorry if she gets worse because of their harassment when she has NOTHING to do with my financial situation whatsoever. They have even threatened to take everything she has. Hello [censor]s, she's 99 years old, living in a home on medicare and has nothing. I jokingly told her to tell them she has some constipation pills to give them, since I think they are suffering a bad case of it.

  • Sa
      21st of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Im pretty sure that if any of you bothered to update your data with your student loan lender no one would need to call family. It is not against the law for them not to accept your arrangements. As debtors, you cannot call the shots. I have a $27k student loan and i am slowly paying it back. There would be no way in hell I would give anyone the excuse to garnish my wages. These comments are as if you never signed an agreement to pay back the student loans. I believe the company is a third party collection agency. Your account would have never gone to a third party collection agency if you were paying in the first play. My student loan went to them when I lost track of who now owned my student loan. They are bought and sold all the time. My grandmother was called and she gave me the message. I didnt hide from them, I simply called them back. I then realized I was no longer in the deferment I set up before. I decided not to go back into deferment and to finally start making my payments back. It was pretty simple, and I'm glad I got the messgae. It is now tax season and If I didnt make arrangements, I wouldnt be getting my much needed tax return.
    you cannot file BK on your student loans
    you cannot just pay back what ever you feel like
    your wages will get garnished
    your bank accounts will get levied
    your taxes will be garnished

  • An
      17th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Keith Banco from this company calls at the oddest hours and is very arrogant! I was paying $65.00 monthly on a bill i owed Liberty University. I only owed around $900 and me and the school agreed to this amount. Apparently I was late on one of them unknowingly and they sent me to Wyndam Professionals and that is when the jerk Keith Banco begin calling. He said my monthly payment was not good enough and he needed to settle the account immediately. He even accused me of being stupid when I told him to quit harrassing me, calling both my house and cell phone! He said he will call everyday and that I cannot do anything about it...Really unprofessional!!

  • Rm
      10th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I found out that my daughter's student loan went into default when Windham Professionals called me. I made arrangements to pay them 65 a month. The first month went fine then the 2nd month they took out 200.00 dollars... they said that they had gotten the accounts mixed up and took money out of my account to pay someone else's account. I waited for my money back for 2 1/2 weeks... they kept saying that they sent a check off. I went to the bank and had a fraud investigation started. Not only did they take out the 200.00 they also took out my 65.00 dollars for that month. Here it is a month later and I never did receive that check. My bank gave me a reversal and I don't know if they ever got that money back and I will never know. I don't know if I should keep paying them or not. I feel like I should contact the student loan companies for my daughter and just see what we can do there. I feel like I am getting ripped off. This month I did get a money card from Walmart and made the payment that way. I just talked to someone at that company and was told it was a 9-12 month program, I believe I heard 6 months. I don't remember. Yeah I think I will talk to the SL companies myself.

  • Tr
      25th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    These people are scam artists. Do not deal with them. They were going to add six thousand dollars on to my loans for them to so called get me out of default. I found a company that is very professional and only charged a small sum. They took care of all the paperwork. Wyndham garnisheed me one payment. They are heartless and get names to from some list. We should take a class action suit out on them. A lot of us are on hard times and that person that said we should have paid our loans doesn't have a clue about this economy and how people get behind. Anyway, do not deal with these people. The government loans shouldn't send these accounts to scam artists. It just puts us through hell.

  • Th
      9th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    I disagree. I defaulted on my Sallie Mae loans which were through the US Department of Education. The loans were sold, which is their legal right, to a collection agency. I avoided that collection agency for over a year. Eventually the loan was sold again to Wyndham Professional Inc. who finally caught up to me. I spoke with them at lengths about the loans, amounts and who they were. I contacted Sallie Mae, my loan originator who confirmed that the loans had been sold. Wyndham works with the US Department of Education and they offer reasonable repayment options. I settled for $195 a month and after 9 months of successful payments they will removed negative/past due reports from my credit report. They also offer early payoffs. Yes this is way more than you would have originally paid but everyone on this forum needs to stop kidding yourselves. These people would never have contacted any of us if we had made good on our loans in the first place. For me Wyndham was a life saver. I have auto-drafted payments monthly and they have always been taken out on time and for the amount stated. I have also read several reviews of people using similar loan rehabilitation programs with great success. They call me occasionally to check in and see how its going.

  • Or
      16th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    i now owe 33, 000$ for student loan payments that just less then a year ago i know the balance with sallie mae was 23 000 ...they told me that my loans were in default and i take responsibilty for that problem because school was done 3 years ago now . i find out that i cant do my career i went to school for with loans in default according to state board...wyndham tells me to make at least 5 $ a month payment for about 6 months and it will be out of default and some of the interest will be taken second month is due and i d k if im just wasting my time with them because they cant seem to be happy with proof of income papers, etc... i sent fax 5 days ago and got no confirmation. they have eastcoast hours. getting ahold of them is impossible sometimes. is this place bs or what?

  • Ma
      29th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    These people called my sister & left a message on her machine stating that they were looking for me regarding a debt I owe. First off, they even aloud to leave a message like that? I called them back saying I don't know this person & asked them why they are leaving personal information on machines like that. She says she isn't the one who called so don't blame her for it. I said regardless what are you doing calling everyone with the same last name as her hoping it's the right number & leaving her private information about debts she may or may not owe for all to hear? Plus that this was a private number listed on the "Do Not Call" list. She said no that that's not what they're doing that they were just trying to locate her & that she must have had this number at one time & that they weren't calling from "any list". I told her that I have owned this number for years & got it when I moved into this house & we're they are getting their information was wrong. She said they could take my number off the list & not call anymore & sorry for the inconvenience. Then I read all the comlaints online & found out that this company is just a scam to collect money from you, wholey s#@*! There are scam artists everywhere, please be warned! And I checked, people/companies like that ARE NOT ALOUD to leave personal information like that on a machine or talking with you, they can only speak to the person they ask for in question about such issues!

  • No
      13th of Oct, 2016
    0 Votes

    Just called in here for a co-worker. I answered the phone and the co-worker was on another line. I asked if I could take a message. This lady, Katherine Head, was so rude through the whole 2 minutes we were on the phone and I was trying to help her!!! We are not allowed personal calls on the company phones but sometimes we will cover for each other...this lady will never get through to the person she is trying to with that attitude. Nasty way to front a company.

  • Aa
      13th of May, 2017
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    My final payment was just made. I told them over the phone that I didn't make enough money to pay the amount they wanted. Gave them my information. My wages were garnished, and it made my life hell until yesterday. How I've survived, I will never know. This process has made my life a living hell. I am thankful that I'm now through with this process. If I were to ever go back to school, I would not get a loan from anyone.

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