Wyndhamslimy business tactics

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My husband and I purchased Wyndham timeshare. They use a point system and we purchased several times, brining us to a "VIP Gold" status. On our last purchase CONTRACT, we were given 233, 000 bonus points and temporary Platinum status. We waited and waited for the bonus points to be added to our account. Finally I called Wyndham and was told they could not honor the 233, 000 bonus points because we did not put enough cash down at time of purchase. According to their Owner Relations person (and I use that term loosely) they should never have offered it to us. Several Wyndham people later and several managers later, we were told "sorry, we will not honor your legally binding contract. We will be happy to offer you something else or cancel the contract entirely and refund any money you paid in thus far". They broke the law without so much as a blink of an eye by breaking a contract. Their attitude was that they had the money to pay to cover themselves legally and it would bankrupt me to pursue it so just eat it and shut up. Then they have the audacity to want me to refer people to buy!!! I'll refer Mariott or any other time share company. DO NOT BUY WYNDHAM. THEY HAVE LIED SO MANY TIMES, IN WRITING AND VERBALLY THAT I HAVE ZERO FAITH IN THEM.


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      May 21, 2010

    I totally agree. Wyndham cannot be trusted. My parents own 605, 000 points and loved using them for several vacations. But be careful what you sign. They attended a "lets get your maintenance fees down" session on their last stay in March. They were sold 203, 000 more points ($32, 000) and were told that they had 30 days to review it with their children. The contract said 15 days to rescind. A cancellation was faxed to them but it arrived 1 day late...recission denied. They said that if proof was made that it was faxed then they would accept it...Proof submitted. The owner relations department (joke for sure) said that everything was in order and that the recission would need to be rushed through and that the deposit would be refunded. The first payment was taken out of was made..Recission denied. They claimed that the son was the one trying to cancel...3 way phone call...owners authorized the son to fax the cancellation...Recission signatures...The contract sheet with the owners signatures were at the bottom of the page but it was for the original purchase date...talked to owner relations proabably 10 differnent people over 6 weeks...Recission denied...signatures don't match...Match what??? I say...NO response...recision denied...
    why??? Mother called sales department and had no idea that son had cancelled...This is a falsehood that came from the sales department...NO one called them...promised repeatedly that they would call owners...only once called. Collection department begins to call after owners stop electronic withdrawal...we will cancel your points...we will take you entire early in the morning...RUDE!!!
    Don't buy from Wyndahm...They ARE BAD!!!

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      Feb 26, 2011

    They really got you.

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