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wyndham customer finance / over charge

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

How to start? How about the date May 20th, 2009 and a copy of a sent e-mail. The bill of 717.49 has in the upper right hand Date.account number and amount due.The Date is 4/01/2009 acc.# xxxxx and amount due 717.49. Checked my account 450.00 deducted and paid to wyndham. The bill I received has amount due of 434.42. The total amount due 420.76 ( I paid 450.00 a difference of 30.76 over) March 2009 I never received a bill. 450.00 from 717.49 (NOT THE RIGHT AMOUNT) you have 267.49 amount due a difference of 166.93. My account was paid total amount due in 2008 the same as now over charge. I requested a copy of my payments, how much my monthly payments, and day payments due. NO RESPONSE?? I check wyndham mail and find in my opinion wyndham has been taking my money for along time, You see all my bills from Wyndham consumer finance of las vegas NV are dated the first of the month and post marked much later.My last bill for may is dated 5/01/2009 and post marked MAY 15 2009 as April bill dated 4/01/2009 and post marked SEVEN DAYS after payment from my account.My bank informed me when the moneys deducted the person or company has their money. I talked to my postmaster, maybe delay in my mail or new driver .Postmark is from the city the letter or bill is sent from and should not take 14 days or 24days to receive mail anywhere in the states. One of my phone calls to wynham about my bill I was informed by this person he personally mailed my bill and wanted payment. after a few very harsh words from myself I asked for his supervisor His supervisor said she was standing next to him and only heard my words?? I ended call! Back to my bills I do not know when my bill is due nor the amount per month .A day by day copy of my account and payments. Copy of All documents, contracts or paper work with Casey Antle or Kevin Antle signature agreeing to late charges on total due payments already made or a late charge amount that changes from month to month and all papers, contracts or documents that was mailed or hand delivered to Casey or Kevin about an increase or amount change in late fees .Wyndham sends statement at the end of month and people assume the statement is for the following month you pay they receive and release your statement for mail with late fees and whatever amount added My statements are dated the first of the month my total due payment += 30.76 wyndham received on the 17th on the 25th my statement was in mailbox I over paid 30.76 and wyndham is charging me 717.49 ???paying to much ! NOW 166.93 late fee on my account that is paid in full or a bill I never received. Below ia an e-mail did not get any response
Date: Apr 28, 2009
Time: 3:35:07 AM
Subject: Billing Questions
Hotel or Resort: Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Branson Meadows
Dates of Stay: 2/01/2009 4/01/2009
Questions or Comments: First: I have never stayed in the resort named above.My billing question is: I received a past due letter requesting the 'TOTAL BALANCE DUE' of 420.76 Date on letter 02/01/2009 I sent a check in the a mount of 450.00 and i now receive a bill for the amount of 717.49 The total due in feb. of 420.76 increased 296.73 from 02/01/2009 to 04/01/2009????? I pay 56.00 for fees or 672.00 a year that is 45.49 less than my bill!~! My payment of 450.00 And my b ill of 717.49 is 1167.49 for 2 months or 583.74 a month? I under stand times are tough and tougher on my end!This matter has happen to my account before and I paid. the bill. I Phoned [protected]) only wasted time and money. I'll try Email!! I would like this billing to my account taking care of! Let me know the amount due But not send a bill two days after you receive my payment for more money!There is more about my account . This needs taken care of TODAY before next month is a lot more...VPO not a life member KEVIN ANTLE

-Just do it (NAKED) and wiggle your butt!!

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  • Ma
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Wyndham is a NIGHTMARE. We purchased years ago (Williamsburg, VA ownership) and had a low maintenance fee per year; members of the board went NUTS and took the fee from $650 year to $l699.00 per year. The issue to me is that we cannot SELL the timeshare and we are STUCK and will lose all the money it took to buy it in the first place because we cannot pay that sort of HUGE maintenance fee. How could this sort of punitive rise in fee be LEGAL at all?? Is there anyone in POWER at Wyndham to write to = their phone people are USELESS and say "too bad - sell it some way" and they laugh. I pray for all these people and their mean-spirited attitudes - amazing to me. I really pray for these horrible people.


  • Jo
      14th of Sep, 2016
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    In April 2016 we notified Worldmark that we would no longer be able to maintain our Ownership. I lost my job and was in the middle of Cancer treatments that are taxing us financially.
    It is now mid September and Worldmark has faithfully billed us every single month for payment and late fees. They were calling daily to try to talk us into refinancing until I told them to stop calling. Worldmark has faithfully reported our late payments to the credit reporting agencies so our credit score is so low we can't float a loan to pay for a roof on our house. Worldmark has supposedly sent a Hardship Application several times. I have received one. Their on line link would not work. All the information for the Hardship Application is in their files except proof that I lost my job, and detailed descriptions of the Cancer and the treatments (none of their business).
    So no Foreclosure process has been started. No forms sent. Just silence and reporting to credit agencies.
    Get out while you can. Absolutely none of the promises made by the salesperson when we went Platinum were true. Worldmark could care less about you as an owner as long as you pay, pay, pay!

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