SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / charging for no service and making complaint.

Bangkok, Thailand

On 8th January, 2015, I checked my balance of funds on my mobile telephone to find I was in credit of 154.54 baht. Today, 9th January, 2015, I topped up my balance with 300.00 baht which should make my total balance 454.54. After topping up, my balance showed 448.54 baht. a loss of 5 baht. After calling AIS's Call Centre to find out why the difference, I found that I had been charged a further 12 baht for the call. AIS does not give any other number to call other than its Call Centre. So, who do I complain to?
AIS has thousands of users and if they charge 5 baht from each customer, that adds up to a lot of money for doing nothing Add to this their Call Centr is to help customers to use their service better but they charge an absorbitant fee if the customer uses it, even to make a ligitimate complaint against them. My main complaint is not just the 5 baht but the principle involved of robbing their customers for no service..

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