Worldmark By Wyndham / randomly takes money out of account

UT, United States

I recently was offered an upgrade by phone from a Wyndham representative named "Shep". He is one of those high powered sales guys that tells you anything you want to hear. (we all know the type) In his sales pitch he said I could get an extra thousand points for only $30 dollars a month and the best part was he could use my November payment as the down payment so it really would not cost me any extra to start off. I thought it sounded great, so I signed up.
Well at the first of of October they took my normal payment from my account, then 15 days later they took an additional payment from my account of $ 233.00 ...Which should not happen because when i signed up for Wyndham I signed a paper that said payments would be taken from my account on the first of every month.

---- This was fifteen days earlier than my Novembers payment should be drawn out of my account.------

Because of the recession I have been living paycheck to paycheck and budgeting to keep my family a float. So i called Shep who promised me he would reverse the payment and withdraw it on the normal first of the month. Well a 5 days go by and nothing no money in my account, so I call him back and he says there is nothing he can do it is over his head.---

This is when I asked for a manager. One was not available so he said they would call me back.-It has been two months and still no one has called me back except Stephanie who left a message once and has never returned any of my phone calls since-
So again I called Shep - I stated I no longer want the thousand points because I felt like they were being fraudulent so reverse the whole thing. He said are you sure you want to lose out on such a great opportunity. I said yes with no hesitation. Shep then stated he would reverse the whole situation --No thousand points no extra money and payments back to normal. I asked how i would get my Money back because i am getting late on other bills and overdraft fees, by the way this was also two days before my birthday- no money no celebration. Shep then told me if I needed the money to call my bank and have them put a stop payment on my account for the money...

I call the bank they put the $233 into my account pending an investigation.

Shep never reversed the thousand points and it is now November three days before thanksgiving and I find out at the grocery store that i cant by my turkey because my card is declined. The bank sided with Wyndham saying I agreed to make this purchase. I did agree to make the payment on the first-----They just take money whenever they want.
Shep, Manager Stephanie, and Wyndham in general- I hope you have a great holiday season, my family will be eating frozen pizza wondering how we will afford to buy gas to get to work.

Do not by anything from these people...They only want your money and do not care about you if your an owner or not...

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