Worldmark By Wyndhamfraudulant incentives

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Read this before you purchase a Timeshare with Worldmark by Wyndham. We were promised many things the night of our sales presentation and are now stuck with all of the lies.
We were given two free weeks vacation that would be used through RCI. We were planning on going to Mexico. We asked the sales rep many questions regarding this trip and the details of the use. We were told that you could use it at any resort in the book for the $249 exchange fee. We asked the quetion numerous times if there were additonal fees because it sounded too good to be true. Well we went to book the trip and of course there are fees per day per person so for a family of four that adds up very quickly. We then tried to book the free trip at a non all-inclusive resort and could not get in. We tried numerous resorts and said that we were open to travel anytime with in a four month period and still nothing! We were given a 2 night stay for free at the Disneyland area resort called Dolphins Cove also as an incentive to buy. We traveled there and it was horrible. Read the reviews on line for this place. It was dirty. We were unable to cook or even eat in the room. We took showers and slept there and that was all we could stand of the place. It was maybe comparable to a dumpy Motel 6. I wouldn't even allow my children to take their shoes off. I have sent in my complaints as instruction to do in writing and WorldMark by Wyndham will not even consider refunding us our money. We are stuck! Please do your research before you go to a presentation to purchase. It sounds fabulous when you are in there but when something sounds too good to be true it usually is!


  • Ai
    Aimee S Jan 18, 2015
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    Verified customer

    This whole thing is a scam. I am trying to make sure my elderly father that was duped to sign up for this con can not in any way shape or form be transferred to me once he passes away. Many of you don't even realize your children could be the bearer of debt from this scam!!!

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  • Ca
    Captxemo May 22, 2013
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    The biggest complaint I have is that even though we are owners, (6 years now), they keep trying to sell us more by telling us we don't have enough purchased. The issue I have with that is that we are happy with the level of membership we have, but the sales department keeps telling us it is lacking. It's like they are telling us we are idiots for being happy with what we have. I just do not get their sales philosophy at all.

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  • Ty
    tyoung Feb 27, 2013

    I have been a owner for over 12 years and wish I never purchased! They treat owners very poorly. The employees are extremely rude. It was not always like this. I think it went down hill after Windor bought them. They also tried to get me to upgrade to the share program too. The problem is my divorce was not finalized and they tried to get em to forge her signature!

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  • La
    L. Abbott May 10, 2012
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    My wife and I purchased at World Mark just under a year ago, the sales rep. gave us his card and phone number as well as the number to the office at the location on South Las Vegas BLVD. I have called both numbers and left voice mails on Monday morning weekly since June of last year and never got one call back. I too was given vouchers for two free weeks of stay for purchasing that were not dated allegedly so that they wouldn't expire without us being able to use them. The only person that can sign our forms is the actual sales agent that sold us the time share according to the members answering center personnel and he's apparently in the witness protection program. He claimed to have been a college basketball star and played professional basketball in Australia for 7 years, not a factor in the sale, but I checked into it via the Internet and he just doesn't exist in any search engine. We've tried to use our credits several times months in advance via the outsourced member phone line and are always told that there is no availability. These are not holiday weeks or prime school vacation weeks, we're talking about any week any time. My wife and I honestly feel we were completely ripped off and that the Justice Department should open a nationwide fraud investigation into this company, its deceptive business practices and overselling mode of operation. Do not spend a dime of your hard earned money on these people or this company, ever.

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  • Bo
    boricua77 Nov 20, 2011

    As far as the lawsuit goes, I am going to meet with a lawyer in the Seattle area regarding Worldmark by Wyndham. I will keep you posted what our options are and leave you contact info really soon.

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  • Wt
    wthrwegoing2do Apr 19, 2011

    So what is anyone doing about all of this alleged fraudulent activity. Has anyone filed a class action suit?

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  • Ja
    jack from Australia Feb 03, 2011

    no positive feed back here. I'll give them a wide birth

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  • Do Feb 02, 2011

    Worldmark sucks!!!

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  • Mr
    mr young Sep 20, 2010
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    Verified customer

    We just joined Saturday and purchased the lowest point value of 5, 000. We were told that we had to join RCI for $89.00. Now after reviewing these comments we are concerned. We were offered 3 RCI vacations to join for free. We are concerned that now there may be hidden fees. Has anyone booked one of these free vacations and had to pay a per person fee or any other fee that was not told up front. We were told that there would be a $249.00 exchange fee and that there would not be any other fees. Is that true. Please let us know quickly, because we can cancel by Wednesday if this is not so. Also are the resorts easy to book? We were told no black-outs, always open availability and all 5 star. Thanks

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  • Am
    AMECWMDJD Sep 02, 2010

    These complaints are very accurate. BE VERY CAREFUL if you buy this from them. READ the fine print, ask questions, and get EVERYTHING in writing. You will probably need it because they WILL rip you off...and you will end up with far less than you thought you were getting. They conned my husband and I into buying into their Experience program. They told us that we could use the money we paid to the Experience program for our downpayment should we decide to buy, so - when we decided that we wanted to buy in, we paid off the entire balance (around $1500) on our experience program only to learn, when we went to purchase - that oops, they had changed their policy and we had just basically wasted our money. nice. Be careful, these people will con you.

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  • An
    Anonymousemployee Aug 23, 2010

    I am a former employee of Worldmark, not as a sales rep but in the sales office. Though everything sounds great but when I heard a rep as I walked by one time say, “Do you really need that? Think of all the exciting things your family can do if you go without." In my personal opinion, you can do whatever the heck you want with your money, you earned it right?

    As for the way they treat their employees...well, I must admit I had some of the greatest managers I could ask for. The corporate offices or anyone who is a "big wig" however are a real piece of work. They are all about money and they don’t care who they have to hurt, as in owners or prospective owner or even their employees. They have fired long time, loyal and dedicated people so they can hire family…fresh out of High School. I worked there for a long time and the only time I ever got a raise was when I threatened to leave. When I did that it was only a matter of minutes before my pay was increased. As I said before, I am a former employee and I would NOT recommend anyone to Worldmark.

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  • Lo
    Lora White Jun 28, 2010

    We are new owners. We could not find any Worldmark sites on our route to Washington (I-5 from CA to Seattle, WA). We booked hotels through Worldmark thinking we'd save money. We were told that we'd save money, get points for staying, and could also use other discounts such as AAA. When clicking the reservation we could choose one or the other AAA or Worldmark points, but not both. The prices seemed to have little discount.

    Then the icing on the cake was a night we booked at a Worldmark-owned property in Seattle. It is detailed in their booklet. I lost my confirmation information while traveling so I stopped and used a computer to get Worldmark's phone number. I went to their website and got this number: [protected]. It answers, "Wyndam Rewards". I spoke to someone at this number and he told me I did not have a reservation in Seattle. He could see the two nights in a hotel booked through them but not the reservation in Seattle. He also said I had no points and they did not have a Wyndam site in Seattle and nothing within 50 miles.

    We had to drive 2 or more hours to find the first motel with an opening, and it was horrible. It was dirty, and we nicknamed it the Bates Motel. The door had a worthless little lock on it. I slept on my own beach towel to keep from touching the sheets.

    When we got home we called Worldmark again and they saw our Seattle reservation and said they do indeed have a Seattle site, and we missed our reservation. They gave us back our points, but that was little consolation for missing our night in Seattle and the sites we planned for the next day.

    They have no record of my call last Thurs. night. They don't know who I talked to. Needless to say I am so far very disappointed in our ownership. I don't recommend it to anyone.

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  • Aj
    ajno Apr 13, 2010

    i am an owner. i am so mad at me why i am stupid to buy WORLDMARK. I dont want to use worldmark more. Cheap, scam, unpolite.. they only want me to buy and take my money..then don't care me more. I get stuck with it. i want to sell my Worldmark but dont know how, call them they dont want to answer it. So mad, so stupid :((( hope no one else will be stupid like me

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  • Ax
    axmae Feb 27, 2010

    I am a WorldMark owner. While there have been a few things that have not pleased me, such as the higher number of points needed to stay at the Anaheim resort. We were told that all fees for the same number of bedrooms would be and remain the same no matter what resort they were in. There are a few other things that have bugged us but so far we have enjoyed every stay at WorldMark. Every free stay we have been promised has been granted us and we had a good time. However I will use caution from now on.

    I know that people will streach the truth sometimes when they are trying to sell you something so when I go to a sales presentation I am very skeptable and not easily swayed. I ask for everything in writing. I am sorry for the bad experiences and hope you can get satisfaction.

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  • Wo
    Worldmarkly Satisfied Feb 02, 2010

    I have had my WORLDMARK time share for over ten years NEVER had a problem went from Australia to Big Bear Ca. all great places. Just got back from a new location from Las Vegas another great stay. So if you people are really having these problems or if its just lawyers writting these to scare people it didnt work with me. If these are true statements I just dont see it happening I have been late before on my payments and never never had someone harras me or my family. I think you are all just trying to scare new members. So you new members dont listen to them you will have a good time use your time well its not a SCAM.

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  • Ja
    jaklakmak Jan 06, 2010

    Their sales centers personel are the sneakiest most dishonest people I have ever came across. Whenever we are at a Worldmark resort the first thing I do is unplug the phones from the walls so I don't have to hear thier ### and they don't have to hear me scream!!!

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  • 1p
    1 PISSED OFF CUSTOMER Dec 16, 2009


    I'm an Owner. I went to a presentation at Glenden Resort November 2009. Sales person lied to get updated to travel share program. Sales Rep Ben Kincaid made promises and gave his cell phone # [protected] and # [protected] and said he would be personal rep and you could call him anytime. Recording on cell phone says Ben Kincaid Sorry I'm not available. I will return your call as soon as possible. I've been calling for 3 weeks. Still waiting for a call back. Guess he is to busy lying to try to sell more packages and scamming people.
    I guess I will file complaint with company, BBB and other Oregon agencys. Anyone who would like to get together and see about filing a class action lawsuit against them? Leave contact information (phone # or e-mail address. I have some people going to presentations and recording the sales reps and catch them lying in order to sell them a timeshare package. Will Post again with more info as I could keep going on about the lies.

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  • Al
    almostin Nov 25, 2009

    yeah . i just got the same offers thanks for this post . that sale rep name is JIM and FRED . his cell phone number is [protected] . again thanks for the post

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  • Sl
    slither1994 Sep 15, 2009

    Everything said in all the complaints have been soooo true. They have so oversold that you can't even get to use the resorts. By the time you add up all the costs you would have been way better off to have rented a condo or home rental. The check in time really ticks me off 4:00 pm and if you were only able to get 2 nights ...well over 1/2 a day in cut out. They have check-out at 11:00am and with what they charge for housekeeping etc. there is no way it takes 5 hours to have the unit ready again. They make you clean everything yourselves anyways. All the do is change the beds and put in new towels and fold the toilet paper.

    I could go on forever and ever but I think you get my drift.

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  • Le
    Leemae Jul 24, 2009

    I am an owner. I went to a presentation with my guest while staying at a reosrt at Seaside Oregon. Many promises were made to get us to the presentation. One was if I went with my guest to the presentation, I would recieve 2 nights accomidations for bringing 2 guest. At the presentation several people were comming in and out of the room. Then one of the sales reps said that I didnot qualify to recieve the 2 free nights. I was really upset. They lied to get us to the presentation. Unbelieveable. From now on I will not take my guest to the presentations in the resorts. I complained in the survey, they acted concerned but I bet they are still lying to folks.

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