C Aug 06, 2014

STAY AWAY FROM WORLDLINE.CA!!! I needed internet, and decided to go with them after seeing an ad online. They needed me to pay one month upfront, which I did using my Visa Debit card. Then they left my visa debit card on file and continued to charge me through it without telling me!!! This isn't like a credit card, it's a debit card attached to my bank account, holding my hard earned dollars. I asked them to remove my banking information from their system, and explained it was illegal for them to hold onto it without my authorization. They assured me, they did. Then they charged me again. 3 days later. Now I have to go through my bank and get a replacement card, etc. because of this companys fraudulent activity. I guess because their call center islocated in the dominican, they think they can do whatever they want and just hide. Stay AWAY!

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