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I request a course-by-course evaluation for my high school grades, which is secondary education, and I paid about $200 for that. As soon as I submitted all my documents, at 4:26pm July 26th, which is the next work day, I got an email said "You requested a Course-By-Course Evaluation Report, but because you have not completed the equivalent of post-secondary level study in the United States, a Document-by-Document Evaluation has been prepared. A refund of $60 has been issued." I checked my account immediately and found my order has been changed to something I have never requested. I tried to contact them and modify my order, but they are not replying my email and the voice record said they only open from 9am to 2pm. The next day 6:03am, I got an email said my Document-by-Document evaluation is completed. When I tried to upgrade my order, it asked me to pay another $200 for the course-by-course evaluation.

There are a few things that make me feel very annoyed and confused.:
First, why they need grades from post-secondary education for a secondary education evaluation?
Second, why they can change the order detail of a customer without asking for their approval?
Third, I heard many stories about WES being extremely slow with evaluation process, why this time they become so effective and fast that I have no time to make any change to my order after it's been changed?(from July 25th 4:26pm to July 26th 6:03am is totally out of their working hours, so you cannot reach them by phone at all)
Forth, they said they are open from 9am to 2pm, but why almost all of my email are received out of their working hours.
Fifth, if I want to upgrade my order, why do I have to pay in full price instead of price difference?
Sixth, I never asked for a document-by-document evaluation and why I have to pay for something I've never requested?

If my school didn't ask me to get an evaluation from WES, I would 100% think WES are scammers.

World Education Services (WES)
World Education Services (WES)

Jul 26, 2016

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