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In October 2014, I paid a total of $286 for a course by course evaluation of my medical degrees from one of the top ten universities in China. I provided all documents necessary, including English translation versions of both transcripts. Both transcripts were verified by the institution, as noted on the evaluation and authentication report, and both degrees were from a "regionally accredited institution", as also noted on the report (even though I would hold that this prestigious university is more than simply a regionally accredited one - but I digress).

As I followed all protocol, sent in both native language and perfect English translations of the transcripts from proper agencies, there should have been no issues processing the report. However, under the evaluation of the second part of my degree, I see that while the institution was accredited, the program had a proper U.S. equivalent, and that my credentials were received, none of my courses were evaluated. The explaining remark that "this type of study does not lend itself to a course and credit analysis", even though all other criteria for analysis was clearly met.

I attempted to contact WES several times to discuss the issue, but was never placed into touch with anyone, despite several emails, with the "Director of Evaluations" whom the credential evaluations told me to "contact in writing". Furthermore, even though I had paid almost $300 for the evaluations, I received no greater details as to why half of my degree program had been totally ignored, and why I received an inadequate evaluation despite my having following all rules and guidelines and having paid the full amount for a course by course analysis. I am extremely unhappy and cannot get in touch with anyone to remedy the issue. I would not recommend this company in any way, as they not only took my money and did not provide the service promised, but also left no means of customer service or complaint after doing so.

Dec 27, 2014
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