Woolworths SupermarketsUnseasonal Hot cross Easter Bun sales

Regarding a Media anouncement in referrence to selling Hot cross Buns just after Christmas and New year?
I wished the Cheif Executive of Woolworths would get to know about complainst such as this.
I He or She even cares is another thing. But!!! Selling Easter Season Hot cross Buns nearing end of December entering January is obsurd.
Whos' bright spark silly idea was this!? Guess there are no names to this question.
I hate these people who try to re invent the Wheel without any balance to though or commonse sens values. Heck!! I have abetter idea! Why not sell Christmas Trees and lights all year round and forget seasonal sales alltogether? That way you be making more Money all year through. But i guess that would be too obvious and too hot of a debaote and backlash, so Woolworths tries to start small and then bend the boundaries later even more. Nothing would surprise me. A newer generation Executives without moral values. well" Not the kind that is common. Can't even log this complaint on their site as it send one around the loop. Propably so no complaints are received.

Jan 01, 2015

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