Woolworths Supermarket Hastings Victoria Aust. / Lack of product

Being a customer for more than forty odd years am appalled regarding products advertised in your catalogue dated 24 February 2016. On page 20 you show fresh Ling Fillets at $25.00 a Kilo. However when I fronted the Sea Food section of the Hastings store I was told that they did not have any available and I asked were you out of stock and the reply was no we never have have Ling for sale. This is discusting as we are a coastal town on the shores of Western Port bay here in Victoria. Is the problem is that the Manager wont order the Ling or the store does not have the facility to keep the fresh Ling fillets in a saleable condition. Irrespective of the reason I am discussed, this is not the first it has happened. I noticed at the bottom of one of the pages (page 4 in very small print) that certain items might not be available at the stores listed but Hastings does not appear.
Yours a very unsatisified customer but could fix it.
Bert Badrock.

Feb 26, 2016

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