Woolworthsfraud with essentials card value

I went to purchase vodafone smart phone worth of $ 69 in woolworths store. I purchased it by my woolworths Essentials Cards. But later I cam to know that does not work for me so I went back to return them on the same day just after 30 minute of purchase. They did return me the new card with the value of $69. I had used two Essentials Cards with the value of $ 50 in each. They gave me back one of the card but did not return the other one. The very next day I came to know that $ 31 is missing. ( 50 + 50 =100 - 69= 31). I did explain them but they did not want to cooperate with me. After waiting there for 30 min they said me you was handed over all the cards and you moved away so we could not do anything. At the same time I asked them if I can see the camera or speak to the manager. They replied me that I don't have right to see the camera and unfortunately manager is not here. I was sure that manager was there in the store only thing is he did not want to talk about it with me( I guess). Because right after moving away form there I called on the number mentioned above. I asked if I can speak to the manager ( Ryan Willats) and I was able to talk to him but as soon as I mentioned my problem he hanged up my phone and could not contact him again.


Dec 28, 2014

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