Woolworths / come on woolworths how about looking after your customers

United States

I am a staff member at Temora Woolworths store, and dread going to work each day. There are three members of one family working in this store and all we hear is back stabbing and ### all day. One particular family member not only ### about staff members but customers also. I am sure if Woolworths conducted a survey most staff members would say the same. All we can hope for is that they be transfered to another town. WE HOPE!!! Please Woolworths management rescue this store, come see for yourself.

I bought cherries from Woolworths store yesterday and when we started to eat them last night we found that most of them were rotten, mushy and horrible, I will be returning them to the store today, and at this time of year the traffic on the road is very very busy, and of course there is the extra running around that I don’t need not to mention the extra cost. This is not the first time I have found that woolworths so called fresh food company is not so fresh, they should have been as the shelf had only just been filled and it was early in the morning.

So come on woolworths how about looking after your customers, one very very unhappy customer and employee.


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