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Woolworths Australia / customer service

1 Leeton, New South Wales, Australia

1) I was shopping at leeton Woolworths, NSW
At self checkout kiosks - I was buying the pomegranates for the first time in woolworths. One of the woolworths attendants was standing behind me asked for help to find - She snapped at me and showed me the option. She snapped again before i started purchasing it telling me -" you have to do one by one " ( there was one fruit in my hand). I thought she was having a bad time, so i left that day.
2) I asked about some mushrooms - " if they are not there they are not there"
So abrupt
They just run with the trolleys while stocking in to you
Som different to what i have seen in the other towns -
3) Again at check outs - after purchasing I made a mistake of pressing the cash out on the check outs where it says cards only- Store assistant walks to me and says "cant You read the sign this is cards Only" And she mumbled in low voice saying along the lines can't read english you... can't hear after that

That's broad day light racism.
THis is not single person every incident was with different store assistant
I ended up so disappointed feeling low after the last incident asking questions to mysel
If this happened to someone who is already having mental health issues, this could trigger an episode of depression and lead to killing self - as you feel you are not worthless of reading english

There is seriously culture issue at this store .
Also i have seen some of the coworkers from other nationalities has reported about bullying- like " you are italian woman - you get the money by growing drugs and you cant work in the store.
Im not italian by the way

Nov 19, 2016

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