Woolworths Australia / customer first, right??? coles responds with a yes (but not perfect)

So as I predicted via digital postings last month, yes many many australian shoppers (the silent majority) are angry that some retailers now led by woolworths have simply dismissed actual customers/shoppers needs.
Coles has announced they will continue to supply bags for customers to place good in.. Bravo for a brave customer driven move by this grocery retailer!!
Woolworths, sure you provided 'free bags' for finite period now gone... But have given no alternative bag option to your customers, including me!
Not too long ago retailers provided strong paper bags - why can't you?
Plastics have developed. There are biodegradable options - why don't you supply such bags?
At present the consumer, the shopper is copping all the liability, you wow are taking no responsibility - this is not fair.
I am a loyal shopper at woolworths and a stockholder. I am pro-environment as well. However let's get realistic... You sell products, you need to supply shoppers with a safe service option to take purchased products from your store.

Joseli munive

Jul 31, 2018

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