Wolfgang Puck Non-stick Crepe Pan / replacement of defective pan

GA, United States

I purchased a 25pc set of Wolfgang Puck (WP) cookware as a gift for my daughter-in-law in Dec. 2010. In Jan. 2012, she advised me that the non-stick on the crepe pan was peeling around the rivet. I took a picture of the pan and sent it to customer service of WP. I was advised that the pan would be replaced at no charge but I would need to pay the $12.95 in shipping. I received an order confirmation on 1/23/12 and then on 1/24/12 I received an email advising me this item was on back order. I HAVE NOW BEEN WAITING FOR OVER 3 MONTHS FOR THIS PAN. I find this to be totally unreasonable and the worst part is that the Wolfgang Puck service representatives don't seem too concerned that it has been over 3 months. I have been a big fan of WP products (I still think they are excellent products) but if this is an example of their customer service, I will think twice about ordering anything els


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