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Sep 14, 2016
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  • Da
      Jan 27, 2019

    Check Your Bank Statement for Unexpected Payments
    Following a string of complaints from its members, Which the consumers association charity is warning online shoppers to pay close attention or risk being signed up to expensive cashback schemes.
    Online cashback site Complete Savings ( may show up on your bank statement as Wly* has partnered with retailers such as Argos, Debenhams, Look Fantastic, See Tickets, Trainline, Mighty Deals and several others companies who recruit subscribers by offering money off future purchases – for a continuing monthly fee of £15, after a free monthly trial . The small print does state the ongoing fee, but they are concerned that many shoppers are signing up inadvertently, or assuming the discount offer is for one purchase only, not a paid membership to a separate service.
    Which has received many complaints about both Complete Savings and its sister site Shopper Discount & Rewards, dating back to 2009. Both sites are part of the Webloyalty Group, based in Switzerland. There are many more complaints about Complete Savings on the internet.

    If they have taken money from your account that you didn’t expect, you can contact Complete Savings free from landlines and mobiles on 0800 389 6960. More than likely the call will be answered by someone from the Philippines! Webloyalty may offer a refund if you didn’t mean to join the programme and can demonstrate that you haven’t used it, although this isn’t guaranteed.

    The risk is that you pay more than you can save, so this is unlikely to make sense if you don’t shop online that regularly. If you do a lot of monthly on line shopping at big-name retailers such as Argos, B&Q, Curry’s, Debenhams and Superdrug, you might be able to cover the £15 monthly fee by claiming cashback bonuses.

    Which think most shoppers are better off using free cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback. These sites pay you a cash reward when you click through from them to buy goods or financial products, but without the monthly fee.

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  • Gh
      Feb 03, 2019

    I’m soo angry right now. Just realised this scammers have been deducting £15 from my account for over a year now. I can’t wait to take this matter further. Disgraceful

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  • Sh
      Feb 26, 2019

    My husband booked a train ticket in Nov 2015 and we have just realised this company name (that we had no idea who or what it was ) appeared on our credit bill..when I checked it out there has been an unauthorised removal of £15 taken out of our account for 3 yrs! Neither me nor my husband have ever signed up for what appears to be a monthly saving fee for discounts. we have never used it as we were not aware we had signed up for anything. Can only assume this is some kind of fraud, certainly didn't put any credit card details in to get a £20 discount from a rail ticket!! They have taken a total of £540 from our credit card account. Have contacted them and they have said they're giving back the last 3 months but we have to fill in a form to claim back the rest. I hope they honour their word as this is an incredibly dishonest and sneaky system that is conning hundreds of people unknowingly of their money without their consent.

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  • Vi
      Mar 31, 2019

    how ken i take my money back if i am not a member of that shirt but they are taking monthly 15£ for nothing?

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  • Cr
      May 05, 2019

    How did I get signed up to WLY*!!! Looks like something I got persuaded to join when I bought a suitcase from Debenhams. So annoyed that a company can take money from my credit card without my knowing.,

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  • Ac
      May 05, 2019

    I have also been a victim of this fraudulent company! They have been taking £15 monthly payments off me for the past 3 years!!! Which comes to a total of £540. I do not recall ever signing up to this, I purchased a ticket from ticketmaster 3 years ago and they managed to somehow get my bank details AND my new card bank details without my consent. I would never sign up to something like this because I know how they work. I’ve never used their service once and can’t believe they’ve been scamming me for this long. I spoke to an operator over the phone and was told I signed up manually that’s the only way they are able to get my details. It made me furious the way they have to lie to customers so it doesn’t look too bad on their side and made it seem like It was my fault why this has happened. A full refund is being processed because they know what they’re doing is wrong! Because If this was a gym membership I was “apparently aware” of there would be no chance of receiving a refund. Im so shocked at the amount of complaints there are regarding the same issue as me. This company needs to shut down, just be careful in future when you’re purchasing things online.

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  • He
      Jun 01, 2019

    Ive lit got a pending transaction and i'm not even sorry to say u ain't getting money from me as Monday i'm gonna make sure the my bank realises you're a scam I'm pissed off as it is due to having no idea who the hell you people are and your taking money from people like seriously yo are SCUMBAGS [censored] you

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  • Ma
      Jun 06, 2019

    I have been through my bank statements and realised they ve been taking £15 for the last 4 years! I am still in shock. My husband thought it was one of my art membership and didn't even ask me until yesterday. It's outrageous . It probably happen when buying a train ticket. I called today and the woman on the phone wouldn't let me talk but said I will get a refund. If they don't act quickly I am going to sue them.

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