WLY* / unauthorised charges to my credit card by complete savings programme

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The email below should be explanation in full. These people started taking payments from my account as early as 21 Sept 2016 without either my knowledge or permission. Because it was a relatively small amount £15, I confused this with payment for a mobile phone my daughter had set up for me.

"I have been overhauling my credit card statement in a downsizing effort and am horrified to discover that I have been paying you, a company I certainly have no knowledge of, WLY* Complete Save, who have been taking money fraudulently from my Barclaycard for at least the last 21 months. This is a total of £525.

I do shop online, but never have I joined this Complete Saving plan, in fact I had to Google you to find out who and what you are. My bank advised me to do this and have also cancelled any further payments. At no time have I requested membership of the Complete Save savings plan.

I am a pensioner on a very low income and I am furious that this sum of money has been taken from my account without either my knowledge or permission. Somehow you have acquired my details, but I can honestly state that I have never asked to become a part of this savings plan, nor have I received any correspondence, emails or other documents from you or your dishonest, fraudulent company.

I want my money refunded immediately and believe me, I may be a pensioner but I know what is right and decent and I will not stop until you repay me what I am owed. Copies of this email will be sent to my solicitor, my MP and Martin Lewis, OBE, a money saving expert, an ultra-specialised journalist, a man with media influence. I am sure he will be delighted to investigate your company and your shady dealings.

Mrs Yvonne J Holden

Jun 09, 2018
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      Jul 17, 2018

    Dear YJ Holden, Have the company back to you?
    Steph - I've had money taken since October 2016

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