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Hi, so as I was looking through this store for a specific phone case, I see some artwork that belongs to my friend and she has no idea they were selling her artwork on a phone case nor did she authorize the selling of her artwork on the phone case. Her artwork is proctected under copyright and she did not give permission to this person to sell her artwork. I wish for this store to be shut down or have her artwork taking down. Her name is Sasucchi95 and the artwork in question is the 707 phone case. You can see her watermark on the artwork.

Feb 27, 2018
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  • Rh
      Mar 03, 2018

    Cease and Desist, Copyright infringement, copyright Lawyer, and Royalties from all sales, past and present, hope your friend buys herself a nice car, BTW, wish is supposed to have Resell certification/Authorization on file for entity selling Copyrighted Material, so, wish is just as culpable for allowing it to be sold illegally on their "Platform." I hope she wins, wish has irritated me to no end, I posted about it, and I am a Authorized reseller of Licensed goods, I have a letter of authorization, and Posted about wishes business attitude toward Legit Merchants on this Forum, Roman Hubbell, Bad Business partners, wish .com, Im rooting for you!.

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