I have reason to believe someone is using your service to steal people's credit/debit card information and stealing their money.
Recently I had over $60 taken from my account by a company whose phone number is impossible to get through to.
I looked up their website(which only has the option to sign up and not sign in, this is a huge scam red flag) and found a "customer support" email so I emailed it with my complaint. This customer support service replied to me from a "do not reply" email address but I replied anyway. It repeatedly sent me the same automated response until it sent me the same email again, word for word except for two details...the sender of the email and the name of the company had changed to a product I have previously purchased only through wish. The product in question( a black bracelet charger for samsung phone) is a product I purchased several months ago so I looked in my purchase history for seller information but conveniently the product is missing from that history.
Any assistance with information regarding my purchase history for this item would greatly help the fraud investigation my account is now under by my Bank
My contact email is [protected]

May 30, 2018

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