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Good afternoon, as a customer who has ordered a ring and received the wrong service as a USMC, I received a Coast Guard. I have sent a request in 1 week after receiving it, and sent numerous emails. As this is the only way to contact your company, I have received emails back and followed the instructions, but to no avail.
It's not the cost of the ring, it's the moral, or lack of as it comes to your support team to rectify the mishap. I am requesting again for tenth time to have the proper ring sent to me as I have ordered.
If this is not able to be done then you will leave me no other choice but to contact fraud division of the United States, and have them contact you about this, and will also contact facebook to inform them as to the issue and the lack of any company protocols for with your company is not following up with.
You may reach me by text, cell or email
Let's take of this before the end of November, or I will have to comply with the federal government law and so then will you.
Best regards
Richard Belanger

Nov 21, 2017

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