Wish.compayment issue and order deletion

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I am a previous customer. I placed an order on Cyber Monday using a different credit card. I get confirmation of my order, great. Then I get a notice the is an issue with my payment please submit a statement showing previous wish order. The word "previous" implies an order before this one so I find the statement, make sure my cc # is blocked out and send it. Next I receive an email stating there is still an issue, submit screenshot of statement showing previous Wish transaction, then they give me the info for the order I am trying too place...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Francisco, CAthats not a previous order its the current order. Anyway now knowing thats what is wanted I send a copy of the APPROVED transaction on my cc statement. Another emal stating there is still more info required arrives late last night 12;30 am EDT according to notifications on the app they now need a photo of my DL. Ok I get it its Christmas season, stop fraud yada yada. I figure I will take care of it during the day. Now when I log on I no longer have that notification AND MY ENTIRE 20 item order has been cancelled with no notice. I have emailed their support dept and am awaiting a response. This is no way to do business!

Nov 29, 2018
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  • Do
      Nov 29, 2018

    can not order or you refund order order and can not change to pay pal account/ Sent e-mail before and no heip ? Can someone tell what is going on. Can buy anything on online?

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  • To
      Nov 30, 2018

    I'm having the Same problem!!! I have idems in the cart. Tried PayPal, My Credit card, and bank account. I pay all my bills. Why can't I get my order? I still want my order. Where can I get them idems.

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