SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / outdoor motorcycle racing full body armor jacket spine chest protective gear

San Francisco, CA, United States
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The order was done on 28/05/2017. Price € 25.
The estimated date of delivery from 23/06/2017 to 03/07/2017.
I have asked about the state of play on 09/07/2017.
Wish Customer Service proposed to resend the item or to refund money on 16/07/2017.
I requested to resend the item on 03/09/2017.
Due to lack of further reply from Wish Customer Service, I asked for the refund on 15/09/2017.
After several exchanges Wish Customer Service refer to the point "Customers may request a refund on any order within 30 days of delivery."
The product has not arrived by today.
I would like to receive the product or the refund of money.

Oct 19, 2017

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