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I have tried unsuccessfully to order 3 items, 3 times.
When I try to use Paypal I get an error that simply says "OOOOOPS" with no explanation as to why is has not been accepted.
I tried a different card, with the same result.
Then I tried to contact you through your web pages but apparently I need to log in with my email (I previously logged in through FaceBook) when I try to set up an email/password account I am told to log in through FaceBook, which I can but then I can't use the "Contact Us" option as I do not have an email account.
Your site looks fab and the prices are good, but if I'm experiencing all these difficulties with my first order, then I might go elsewhere.
My email is : [protected]
I look forward to your solution for this issue.

Jul 19, 2017

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