Wish.commessages from wish appearing on my phone when I am not subscribed to you

F Nov 29, 2017

Hi, I have an issue with messages from wish appearing on the front of my phone in the scroll down area obviously sent by Wish as thats what it says, Now I am not subscribed to wish on any level, I do not have the app downloaded, and if I ever did have an acccount then I cancelled it as far as I was able as I did not like the goods on offer. It seems to me to be aggressive advertising if you are then recieving messages on your phone daily, several times a day, when they are unwanted and you haven't done anything to warrant it. Please will yyou at Wish close down everything you can your end to ensure that this doens;t happen again. Thnak you

  • Updated by fiona field · Nov 29, 2017

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