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Westfield Maine, CN
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I purchased an order from Wish for $115.20. Wish denied my debit card. I went back online and placed another order for the merchandise. It had passed the eight hour mark to cancel my order. I didn't see any reason not to do this since the first transaction was null. Right??? A couple of days latter I saw that the original $115.20 had been charged to my account. I contacted Wish and the representative said that of course they would refund my money. He asked if I would go in and indicate this on each item. This took all day, because the site wouldn't let me send. Eventually I sent them. I received 30 messages back. Each one a different representative, but all saying the same thing. They had researched this transaction and found no problem. I assume this because the items were in transit. Duplicates of my items! PayPal was amazing and they immediately went to work to refund my money. The money was put back in my account. I sent an email to Wish telling them I would be glad to send the merchandise back, but I wouldn't pay for return shipping as this issue was caused by them. I am subsequently blocked until I decide to pay for the merchandise that was sent to me!

Nov 29, 2016

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