SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / counterfeit items and credit card fraud

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Ive contacted fbi field offices. is nothing but a front to move US cash to Chinese counterfeiters. is using credit card companies and in 1 transaction they commit 3 felony acts as I SEE IT. aiding the counterfeit ops in china, selling fake goods to US Consumers and wire fraud by using interent and credit card payments. Why the DOJ has not investigated or shut them down is mind blowing. I bought Items supposed to be shipped from San Francisco and they were shipped from China and very clearly fakes. Ive filed complaints with the DHS and my federal elected officials.

Jun 08, 2018
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  • Ca
      Jun 14, 2018

    LOL, overreact much?

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  • Ma
      Jun 15, 2018

    @CakeFaceKara CakeFaceKara-why are you responding? You are not helping, only ticking people off. Maybe that is your intention? How do you know that this forum is not read, do you work for Wish? Oh! that's it, you do work for Wish and your job is to add to the anger and frustration of their customers who have been wronged!! Well then EXCELLANT JOB!! You are obnoxious, as is this company I will to my last breath proclaim the fraudulent activity of this company, and the many ways it hides behind "customer service" as if they are truly resolving issues. Or maybe you are just a miserable hateful person who lives to make others as miserable as you are. Sad.

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