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So, i have been a loyal customer of wish for a number of years. Before i had my own credit card, in fact. Anyway, previously i used visa gift cards to purchase items. Sometime last year, i got my own credit card. I tried to order with it on my account and i got an instant ban from wish. I can use wish, i just cant buy. I've made other accounts to see if maybe it was just the one but each account gets suspended and banned as well. I have contacted wish for months now, recieving automated replies along the lines of, "you have gone against the terms and service". In the terms and service it doesnt really say anything about using a new card, which is what im suspicious of. It literally saus2that they can ban or suspend your account indefinitely without reason. I'm at my wits end and I sent another complaint to another email of wish's. Hopefully i can get an actual reply. If not, I'm probably going to spread the word because this is ridiculous and should not have gone on for this long.

Nov 21, 2017

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