Wish / suction bath bar security

San francisco us, Canada

I sended 31 emails in 7 weeks and nobody
Sended me an anserw. I am a very good customers for a while. Just last month I
Bought For $3000.00
And I always wait 2 weeks before asking for
I am having a very good relations with wish
Except for the one I am complaining here.
I bought this security suction bath bar
I used it a few times but one night I Try
To get up with the bar as usual and the bar
Was in my hand broken. I fell on my back
I had to go to the hospital . After x-rays
And a prescription of anti inflammatory
And pain killer I went home. I had to stay in bed for 3 days. I am gull of bruises.
And the pain stay for almost 2 weeks.
So I sended with pictures 31 emails.
I had no refund no explanation no excuses
Nothing. What did I have to do to get an anserw.
Catherine alexander

Jan 28, 2017

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