All I'm going to say is this: Either I have a very sensitive nose or everything made in China literally smells terrible. That's it that's what I want to say and it's the truth every time I've gotten items from theyve smelled so bad that I'd end up throwing them away bc the stench is THAT STRONG. Imean...everything smells terrible. I know that sounds odd, yes you're right. But I also know this doesn't happen when I order from a US seller, be it eBay or Amazon, or a company based in the USA.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Francisco, CA

If you have any kind of lung or breathing problems do not order from them. Srsly don't even take a chance, their merchandise their products smell so bad it sends me straight into an asthma attack. The stuff that will get me the sickest- is anything that's plastic. Well it's not REALLY plastic of course. Nonetheless, every single item from wish.Com smells to high heaven. I know BETTER NOW. I will pay more for items made in the USA and no where else. It's not worth the stress the time and energy anything I'd rather pay more and suffer Less.
Rule of thumb- you get what you pay for. Wish.Com confirmed this.

Hope that helps someone

Jan 23, 2017

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