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I started ordering in the beginning of October I've received intermittent deliveries you guys have the correct address but your shipping things like a set of motorcycle gloves three times I've ordered them and three times has not shown up and then chances are it's because they come in clear packages and the people that you're shipping them through can see them I ordered a tutu dog collars now and have received either one my name is reg Drummond I've contacted your customer support God knows how many times I've got a whole list of stupid remarks from your company and all we're sorry so on and so forth listen I'm not stupid and neither is anybody else that's why there's so many people looking to contact you guys would complaints no point being is when you guys take an order and it doesn't show up it's starting to look to me like you're placing the order and your real quick to refund the money because you've already collected the interest on it for two and a half months I need somebody to call me because the next call I make will be to the IRS and to the Better Business Bureau in the United States never mind here in Ontario Canada do you understand me because at this point in time you're extorting money and what you're doing is illegal if you don't like what I'm saying then have the courage to call me don't send me anymore God damn text messages I want to speak to a human being if I don't it will be my lawyer that you talk to you next time I'm tired of this I've spent so much money with you it's not funny I apparently have a good reward level 7 but yet for what and what does that get me to $3 off something that's not the point my point is that if I received that kind of reward how much stuff that I ordered and got 4 pages of stuff that's been ordered and maybe receive one product from each page please contact me I'm not going to ask again I promise you I will be all over Facebook about you I will be all over the Internet about you and pointing out the fact that hey how many people have received product but yet paid for it two and a half months later you finally your money back but they've been sitting on your money the whole time collecting interest so from now on when you refund my money you can refund the interest that you collected two or you can get my order to me I would like somebody to call me because there's certain products that I want I have a hard time understanding how your employees are saying to me are you sure that nobody's taking it that your neighbors aren't taking it so on and so forth well we've known the neighbors for over 20 years they're not doing it and my aunt certainly not taking dog collars and metal knuckle gloves for the last time I'm asking you people to return a phone call [protected] the next time you get one of these from me it'll have my lawyers number and the summons number on it that you're going to get served with don't think I'm playing games I'm not I'm furious with your company if you guys are playing this game and I will find out because there's too many people that are complaining about the same thing not receiving orders and you're too quick to refund money but you've been sitting on for two and a half months don't think people are stupid give some of us credit at this point it's just a technicality that stops you guys from being caught well we'll see about that phone me you don't have an option here

Dec 17, 2016
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  •   Dec 17, 2016

    Lawyer yada yada yada.

    Are you in Canada or the US, because your post has both. Your product comes from China and must clear customs. It is also situated between two major holidays, which slows things down. 4-6 weeks is normal for WISH, unless you toss in Thanksgiving and Christmas, then you are looking at 8-12. Nothing they can do about it. Even the US post office is backlogged and two day mail is taking two weeks.I order from WISH all the time, and unless you ordered something that is on the customs prohibited list, you will get it eventually. You can track the progress of your packages on your WISH account.

    If you can not wait several weeks for an order, do not order online from China, and do not order right before a holiday.

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  •   Dec 17, 2016

    Oh, and the way you typed your complaint with no capitalization and run on sentences and no punctuation, it makes you look like you are stupid,

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