Wish / extra charges

I noticed on my purchases that when you sell something you say it is for $1.00 then you apply a discount if you hurry up and buy something within a few seconds which I have done. After doing so, the price is doubled due to shipping and handling, which I can understand. After reviewing my checking account on the two times I have been on your site, you have charged me an additional $17.38 and $15.58. I did not buy anything for that much money from you due to the fact that I knew I did not have that much money in my checking account. So in saying that, on both of those occasions, there were overdraft fees placed on my account. I can afford to buy a few small things from you with the price doubling to cover the shipping and handling but where are these other fees coming from? What are they for? I would like to have my money back on these two. If you do not give me my money back, not that it matters to you, I will no longer buy from your company and I will place a notice on Facebook about my incident with your company.

Dec 05, 2016

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