Wish / a decal for a playstation 4 controller

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On November 25th 2016 I ordered a sticker for my husbands PlayStation 4 controller a sticker LOL and I still have not received the item. Come on people are you serious it is a sticker it should not take over 2 months to receive this. I heard such wonderful things about wish but this is actually the second item that I have ordered from them that has been late. The first thing I ordered was a phone case which also took over a month and a half to receive and was past the date that they said I would receive it. I will not order from them again this is ridiculous there's no reason for these simple items to take over two months to be received this is crazy. And not only that when you go to try and contact their customer service you can't talk to anyone you have to either email them or send them a message which they don't reply to. Crazy

Feb 2, 2017

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