Windstream Communications / fraudulent calls with phone number on caller id is not the actual caller's number

Young Harris, GA, US Review updated:

My phone number: [protected]

Many numbers calling are not actually from the number that shows up on the caller ID. The same caller, as their sales pitch is always the same, is able to change their number from the number that actually show up on the caller ID. I have the ability to block numbers on my in home telephone system and the caller is able to get around the block by changing the number of the caller but the same source of the call is fraudulently changed to get around my block and they make the changes over and over again. I call the actual number that shows up on the caller ID and they do not know what I am talking about as they did not call me. Some of the caller ID's number are from Young Harris College Georgia. Here is a partial list of the calls as they show up on my caller ID and all 2017:

Date Time Received Number Caller ID Data
11/ 20 10:12 AM [protected]
11/18 12:41 PM [protected] StarnetPa ete (called 3 x)
11/17 1:47 PM [protected]
11/17 1:13 PM [protected] Cove Serenity
11/17 12:18 PM [protected] French Jom
11/17 12:03 PM [protected]
11/16 9:37 AM [protected]
11/14 12:35 PM [protected]
11/13 5:34 PM [protected]
11/13 9:35 AM [protected]
11/13 6:37 PM [protected]

The above are the numbers my phone will hold and ID the number and the name of the alleged caller if that data shows up on the caller ID. There is a problem when an unknown continue to call but changing their number in order to avoid a block is a more serious matter and for me it borders on a fraudulent attempt to obtain information. Many of the callers indicated they can provide a lower interest rate on credit cards but when I ask them which credit card they say, "thank you and have a nice day" and hang up.

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    Fraud calls

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Mo
      Jan 11, 2018

    I can imagine how annoying it is to constantly receive fake calls. Yes it sounds very simple but the one who goes through it knows how horrible it is. These scammers should be dealt with. You can get surveillance and phone monitoring services. This way you can stop these calls and also find out who is making these calls. I know of discreet private investigation services Wilsons Detectives who can help you with that. I've used it myself therefore can recommend it to others. They are very efficient and good at this. First operational hour is free. You can check out their website and contact them. or email [protected]

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