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Wow. I call to have them give me a quote and for having them come out I would receive a $100 gift Walmart Card. Before I could get the card my wife and I had to give both of our SS# they told me it was to varify that I owned my home (that was a lie it was to run my credit without my permission).

After the 2 1/2 hour presintation and having me write on a peice of paper "show me how I can save money" I finally got my quote for 12 windows with no grids the starting price was $17, 000 then $12, 000 for signing right now. I then told him no. He then got "his manager" on the phone and after having the manager talk to me on the phone for 10 more minutes they then took off $2, 000, so now we are at $10, 000.

I then said no so then they brought in there "eco line" and then tell me that these windows are not eleigable for the Government tax credit and that only the alaskan would qualify (lie again) they then told me i could have the alaskin for $6, 771 still $575 per window.

This was very high pressure and when I told him I was not going to buy today he was mad told me that I would have to pay the $17, 000 for the windows if I didn't buy them today. He then would leave his number with me and then left.

A few days later I recieved a letter from Windows USA asking me to contact them for an even better price than the lowest one that I was given. It went into the trash.

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  • Js
      Oct 21, 2009

    I went through the exact same thing last night. The time wasted was not even worth the $100. I too was nervous about giving up my SS#. Can they legally run your credit without your permission? The whole thing is scripted, not sure how these people sleep at night.

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  • Pa
      Nov 18, 2009

    We went through a similiar process. But, we refused to give our ss#. We actually, took them up on their offer to beat any price. Comparing apples to apples. We got prices from Pella windows and yes they beat it. We, questioned them on their sales approach. Didn't much care for it. But after reading your posts I have to say our sales guy was much nicer. More human. The windows are really nice. A guarantee given by no other. Lets hope they make good on it, if we need to use it.

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  • Wi
      Nov 30, 2009

    I'm sitting here now debating on whether to purchase the windows. I went through the same sales pitch; the salesman was nice. Received my $100 check with a note to contact them and they would give me a lower price than the final quote. I was surprised. I didn't commit but told them I had to think about it. They too gave me that 'now or never' rather, original price if they walk out the door. I need windows yes. Now is the time to buy with the tax credit. I'm just wondering if they meet the qualifications for the tax credit. Salesman said they do, but would not show me the ratings sticker. I had pretty much made up my mind to do it, but after reading the posts, I'm a little anxious about it now. Thanks for your help.

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  • Tl
      Apr 10, 2019

    @Windows I just paid 10, 500 for them to do my 2800 square foot home. Trust me. They are worth it. The warranty is unbeatable. My dad was a contractor when I was growing up. He said it was a good deal. I’m VERY pleased with the windows. The installers and the company.

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  • Pa
      Dec 02, 2009

    Windows, You never have to give your SS#. Just be adamant. If you don't like the price then tell them and tell them again. I can only speak from my experience. I too don't care for their sales tactics. The ratings are etched on the windows, I believe this a legal or regulation requirement, and they did give us paperwork for our tax credit. We even saved the tags that were on the windows. Good luck with your decision and Happy Holidays.
    sc 84132

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  • El
      Dec 03, 2009

    Path Finder: Do you mind if I ask how much you paid per window? I had a sales demonstration two nights ago, am considering buying and have a quote for bascially $600 per window installed. From what I can tell, that seems to be a decent price, maybe a little high but the windows do seem very high quality.

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  • Tl
      Apr 10, 2019

    @elm01 It’s a great deal and the windows are worth it!! I paid $10, 500 for my 2800 square foot house and 16 huge windows

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  • Tc
      Dec 09, 2009

    Last night, my wife and I sat thru the EXACT same sales pressure. Our salesman was nice, but OH THE PRESSURE!!! He came in, set up a fax machine, DVD player, demo window, ice-in-a-cup-heat-transfer demo, cold spray on the double pane and IR temp gauge. He proceeded to burn thru a ream of paper faxing the "factory" and every "manager" under the sun was talking on the phone, the blackberry & the faxing and the production manager, OH!! We got a fax that also offered us the $800 bonus. I think there was a few other bonuses, too. I got dizzy at the end as the salesman ran from kitchen to den back and forth to the fax machine! It was like a parody of a used car salesman- I mean, even THEY aren't that bad.
    Our quote was $14, 700 for 10 basic windows, then they came down to $10, 000, then the manager (or was it his manager??) made me a "don't tell anyone about this" deal to $7, 900. They showed me their Eco-window crapola and it was about $7, 500... I'm tellin' you, I woke up angry at these fools.
    I asked him what the term "virgin" vinyl meant (I know it means "NO REGRIND" that's all) and his answer: "Pure. It's pure vinyl." I asked about UV stabilizers... blank stare. Real nice.
    Stay away. It's not worth the $100 Wal Mart gift card.

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  • Da
      Feb 07, 2010

    I sat thru the presentation, yes it was a couple of hours or so, but it was very informative and fun. I learned a lot more about windows than I did just walking thru Lowe's, etc. I did purchase the windows and they do cost more than some others out there, but let me tell you, they take care of you after the sale. I have had a couple of different things happen and they sent someone out each time and took care of it: no charge, no hassle. One was a broken window that I broke on accident, they replaced it no hassle. This company is like a fine steak house, yes you pay more, but it taste so much better and they serve you.

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  • Wi
      Feb 21, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    It's funny, I used to work for them as a salesman. And yes it's a con ( used car style high pressure sales tatic). Good product though.. It starts out at $1000 a window (cost to manufacture $100) and the comment above was written by someone who works for them...

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  • Js
      May 26, 2010

    Well, we just went through a 4-hour presentation last night, and were so tired by the time we neared the end that we signed a contract for 14 windows at $11, 700. The window the salesman demonstrated did appear to be of excellent quality and features, but the cost is astronomical. We went to bed after he finally left (after so many faxes and phone calls that I think our phone line is now fried). My husband and I awoke with "Buyer's Remorse, " and so phoned to cancel our order, as well as mailing it, per their instructions on the order sheet and 3-day cancellation policy, back to them (I chose Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested to be safe). When I called, I was told they were all in meetings. I left my home number, as my husband is home. A secretary phoned him a few hours later to tell him it would be afternoon before anyone would be available to discuss the cancellation with him. Yes, it was EXTREME HIGH PRESSURE, although the salesman was certainly likeable. I just hope we don't have trouble with the "cancellation."

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  • Je
      May 28, 2010

    I bought a little condo after retirement that has aluminum windows, with interior storm windows...not very efficient. I got the circular in the mail, read reviews on the 'net...noted what was said about the High Pressure sales pitch: but noted that almost everyone stated the windows were great. So, I called, resigned to listen to the home, or in a store...not much difference: Besides, all the measurements would be done, and I would be able to get an estimate with the presentation. Chad showed up, a very informative sales presentation...NO high pressure...just a negotiation process, which I didn't mind. Lasted about an hour and a half. Well, all I got to say, if you want GREAT windows, and GREAT installation (which is paramount!!!), and a fantastic warranty...folks, you have to pay for it. If you want cheap...look somewhere else.

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  • Tb
      Jun 19, 2010

    We purchased windows sometime back, yes they are great windows. But if you have a problem they act like it come out of their own pocket. We had a hail storm in April 2009, (lots of damage to house, but no broken windows) we had a screen that needed fixed. Thats not under warranty & they don't come out to fix it you have to send it in & then they will call with the price to fix it while you are without a screen, (the quoted fix was 20 something $ plus shipping & handling & of course what you already paid out sending it in). We went to sutherlands $14! I love my windows don't like the price, but we got them.

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  • Ru
      Aug 22, 2010

    If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. You're a blooming idiot if you think for $100 you're not going to get a high pressure demo and they're not going to close you.

    They are the most aggressive, ruthless, high tech, overpriced window company in the industry. They take no prisoners, but if you do buy, it's all aboveboard after that.

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  • Re
      Sep 14, 2010

    I just sat through their incredibly well rehearsed and plotted sales pitch... talk about ruthless! During the pitch I thought it was kind of funny how everytime I said no to their sky high prices they salesman, who couldn't even get his printer/scanner to work properly, would call his manager and they would "punch the numbers" and come up with some special promotion or secret discount to throw in if we would sign today. But my amusement soon turned to anger as I came to realize their intentions.

    I had them measure for 10 windows and a sliding glass door. He conveniently left out the cost of the sliding door in the original price. So, "MSRB" on 10 windows was 9897.00 or so, but their special price was 7999 - minus a 500 dollar gift card, -a 750 discount, - minus another 500 dollar special comparison deal, - minus ANOTHER 500 dollar promotion giving a price of some 5250 smacks for windows... then I convinced them to add in the sliding glass door which he'd forgotten. I had to talk to his "manager" like 5 times! He even talked to my wife on the phone as well, trying to convince her how great an opportunity this was and how great and nice a family we have and how much better their windows are than any other manufacturer and how we deserved the best. It was completely ridiculous how rehearsed and over the top their conversations with each other were... NO SHAME AT ALL!!! The typical conversation when like this:

    "Mark, we have a really great family here that has a unique situation and really need some great quality windows... Yes, I know... But can't we work something special out for them?... I'll do whatever it takes to make this sale... GREAT! I'm sure they'll jump at THIS offer!!!"

    I gave them a flat no and the salesman proceeded to put me on a guilt trip about not buying from him and that this is the ONLY day that I had a chance to buy their windows at such a great price... About how he had been a sincere guy and was trying to work for US, how he was on OUR side trying to make us a deal! SERIOUSLY!!! The longer I thought about the preceeding schpeel the madder and more irrate about it I became. Seriously, these people have Some GALL insulting my intelligence like that. I REFUSE to buy any product from a company that thinks that they can use guilt trips and low down sales ploys and enticing (via their little 100 dollar referal incentives ) to sell me a product. Show me the product, tell me WHY its better that what I've already got, then give me a competitive price!!!

    You see, I had installed 10 other windows three months earlier with Window World windows. 10 Windows... 2700 bucks with tax and installation, 50 year transferrable warranty. NO pressure, NO hassle, much faster installation time, on top of getting the tax credit. I told the Widows USA salesman that I simply can't fit windows of their price into my budget, and he would keep reminding me how efficient their windows are and keep reminding me how great a deal this was and how he just can't give me a better price, but would then make call after call and fax after fax, wheeling and dealing with his "managers" trying to make me a special deal... Pathetic! I'll stick with Window World for my windows next time around as well... Their product may not have ALL of the nicest features of Windows USA's, but their windows are great quality, and they are much better people with a much better price. Please don't give Windows USA the time of day to try to CON you out of your money!!!

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  • Rt
      Oct 13, 2010

    As a sales person--I just don't understand why this is their process. I mean--they have a great product--and I was going to buy until I realized I was part of a game--instead of a professional business conversation. Do you people not realize that as the price goes down--so does the veil--and we see that it isn't genuine? At this point--makes me wonder how good the windows really are! Oh--and the comment by Window Dan--shows his ignorance--and that he thinks we share it by assuming we can't figure out that he works for them. Are you kidding me?

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  • Fr
      Oct 28, 2010

    First off I have 18 of their windows in my home and I think they are great. By the way i DO NOT work for them, which i do not agree with by the way, if you are an employee and want to promote the company come right out and say so dont try to hide the fact you're an employee in a fake post. As for the sales pitch, it is just what the name implies people... it is a sales pitch. they are trying to sale you a product and their approach is pretty basic as far as door to door sales go. they are no differrent from any other commission paid salesman. same routine as the used car sales man running to his "boss" to see if your offer is acceptable. It will take a few hours and there will be pressure. "I have three more people looking at this car today" sound familiar... thats just the same as saying you have to buy now for this price, its just put differently. we paid around $4?? per window, i like them better than the pella windows that would cost about the same without being installed, and i have already had one cracked window replaced no cost. call pella and tell them you broke one of their windows and see what they tell you ( and let me know when that free replacement comes in. hahaha) installers are awesome, fast and worked 13 to 15 hour days to get the job done. they also did a number of little extras we asked for without being obligated to do so. i am however a bit tired of being called about the referral program. so in summary

    -cost was well with in the accepted national average per window- $300 to $700 per window.
    -install crew above expectations
    -sales pitch outdated and needs to be rewritten, yes like all sales pitches it is a con. get a price you can live with and you feel is fair or say no. that your side of the con.
    -good product
    -lots of calls trying to get refferals and its becoming annoying
    -major no-no an employee leaving fake post. say youre an employee and defend the company outright


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  • Al
      Oct 31, 2010

    Kirby was our salesman and Dan was his manager. 4 hour presentation, exhausting! My mom and dad signed after their "do not tell anyone about this price" deal. I think the price started out at $10, 000 but was knocked down to $5, 900 for 6 windows. Immediately the next morning, my nom called to cancel. Of course Dan, the manager they had talked to during the presentation who was "ALWAYS AVAILABLE" was in a meeting so she had to leave a message. They had a receptionist call back and she couldn't help. My mom grabbed her contract, signed the cancelation part, wrote cancel on all the papers, faxed AND mailed them to Windows USA. Dan called within a few minutes of receiving the fax and gave her a guilt trip saying "Me and Kirby both told you that if you were not sure, then you didn't need to sign the papers". Well after a 4 hour presentation and it is 8:30 pm at night and we have to work the next day, all you want to do is get the guy out of the house. He surely was not leaving without a signed contract. Dan tried to bribe my mother, which is illegal, saying that he would bring a check out to cover the first 3 payments for her windows and personally hand deliver it to her on the day of installation which would not be for 2 months because they were behind on production. Then he tried telling her the company had already personally built 3 windows for our house. That is such BS because it was 8:30 pm before the contract was even signed, and my mom called at 8 am the next morning. Oh then they sold my parents information to Wells Fargo! If you decide to buy these windows, be very careful. The warranty on the contract does not match what the salesperson says. Neither does the first payment date. Hopefully our windows are canceled. If not, we are going to the attorney general. I work with contracts every day so I know the legal jargon and how it works, and these people do not like to take "no" for an answer. We had a guy come out the next day from a local windows company, $3, 000 for 6 windows, better built, better product, consistent warranty and a no pressure sale. He told us the quote would be good forever, not just for a year like Windows USA states.

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  • To
      Jan 30, 2011

    I noticed none of you whining, sniveling maggots have said that you sent their $100 back. They go out to hard close you and make no excuses for it. Sometimes to sell a car, you have to slam someone's head into the hood. Same thing with windows, and they are the best at it.

    Wipe your noses and quit your crying.

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  • Ms
      Feb 03, 2011

    Ok it seems we all feel the same that they use some tactics we don't like, but they are the same as any salesman. But instead of complaining I'm going to get anyone who reads this some tips to try before they have their presentation.

    1) are you in it for the $100 or really want windows? Don't lead them on at all. I know my gift card was given to me before the presentation started.
    2) presentation is suppose to be 45mins to 1 hour. So tell the guy up front you have 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours and I have to go (something came up today and I have to deal with it, or you have to go to bed you have an early morning, or maybe even have a friend call you and request you help urgently).
    3) more questions you ask the longer it will take
    4) the more info you give them about your life the longer it will take and the more they will use to try to sell to you
    5) be prepared to talk when he hands you the phone and says "he wants to say thank you"
    6) you will even get confused of who is who's manager, but they more than likely are a team of equals.
    7) if they tell you something very special such as the warranty is transferable if you sell in 20yrs but the paper work says 10yrs then have him give it to you in writing.
    8) when your salesman hears the newest offer be prepared to hear his fake surprise "WOW how much and you going to do what? Really? That's great I'm sure they will love this offer!"
    9) when you get them down be prepared to hear all we ask is that you don't share the pricing because these promotions will end tomorrow and we won't be able to offer it to anyone else, we will be able to sale them windows but we only have so many at this price.
    10) I would suggest that if you do want to buy their windows then hold out for the best price even if it means waiting for the letter, my salesman finally told me that if I called in tomorrow then they would still honor the price but they would never admit it that night.

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  • Ka
      Mar 26, 2011

    I couldn't agree more with msudave's post. Know that they're professional salesman and they're good at what they do. Also know going in what your bottom line is and don't waiver. Worst case scenario, it's your house tell em to get the @#$% out.
    We needed Windows and had been shopping around for well over a year and found that if you want the best insulating "U-value" you're going to pay at least $500 per window. We liked the product and the fact that it had the highest insulating factor of any other window around. If anyone can show me a window with a .30 u-value for under $500 installed I will eat the crow! We paid the "o-so-secret price" of $500 per window.
    The other factor that you completely gamble on no mater what company you go with is the installation. No matter how well the window is built it isn't worth a penny if you're still losing heat around the window. I made sure probably to the point of being annoying that I watched each step of the installation. The installers were very accommodating to my questions and I could not see any way they could have sealed them better. We have 13 windows and it took 2 installers 2 days. My in-laws had 26 windows from another company installed in their house and their two installers did it in 1 day. After watching the process I cannot believe my in-laws windows were installed to the same quality ours were...
    I will also say that we have only had our windows for 2 weeks. We haven't had the chance to experience their customer service yet.

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  • Gi
      Sep 03, 2011

    We just went through the "Sales Pitch" two days ago... and it was long and grueling. When Rick the slaesman handed me the Woman of the house as he put it the $100 gift card my entire reaction was WHY? He looked surprised and then gave us this spill about nothing is for free including our valuable time. What a con! He was very good at his pitch, the windows seemed very well built. At the end of this sales pitch for probably the 10th time the phone rang "ten times not counting all the faxing back and forth". It was Russel Erickson AGAIN, supposedly the "president" of the company. He wanted to speak to me to finalize the deal. Very polite, had a few questions and informed me that he would be recording the conversation if I didn't mind. I said that would be fine. Asked a few simple queations leading me in and then he said "so do I have your permission to send this order to the factory and get them started? I said, well you can't start building them until I have the chance to read the warranty. Legally we all have 3 days to change our minds, however the one form that they write all the messurements on says very clearly "I UNDERSTAND THAT DUE TO THE PRECISE CUSTOM SIZING CORRESPONDING TO MY HOME, ONCE MANUFACTURING CAS COMMENCED, THIS ORDER IS NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION WITHOUT PENALTY" so I said no you do not have my permission until I read everything in front of me. Mr. Erickson asked if he could send the sales rep. to lunch for an hour and then I could sign and say Okay. I again said "no" the people are here servicing my air conditioners and your sales rep has been here for 4 1/2 hours "it would have been maybe 1-2 had it not been for the constant phone calls from "the company" and the constant need to fax and receive faxes" I want the time to breath and read this without being pressured, actually I said, "without having it shoved down my throat." Mr Russel Erickson then said "okay well can I speak to Rick and I'll send him on his way." It was the "take the deal now ploy R none at all!" there was None at all. I am so glad that I took such a strict attitude at the end. They called about an hour after he left to inform me that they would hold the "offer" for me until today "two days after the duration of the most overwhelming sales pitch I have ever endured and will never again endure. After reading the warranty closely I found 3 flat out lies that came from thier mouths... "lifetime warranty, if you are mowing the grass and a rock flies up and breaks your window, we fix it no cost to you...etc, ect and ECT! I try to make a habit of not dealing with con artists and liars... I got lucky this time as they were a stroke of a pen from having us hooked. Trust you gut, your instinct and don't be conned

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  • Ch
      Jan 25, 2012

    I am having my windows installed as we speak. I am very pleased with the quality and the installation. Yes, we did go through the same "sales pitch" that most went through. First, we had shopped windows before we had the company come to the house so we knew what we were looking at in terms of cost for our windows (which are custom size). We finally ended up (after much haggling) at $6750.00 for 13 custom sized windows. I am satisfied with the price.
    I have to mention that if anyone is going to purchase windows, which to me is an investment, shopping around and getting to know what is out there should be a MUST! NEVER just have someone come to you home and tell you they are great and you haven't a clue how to compare apples to apples.

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  • Fr
      Jul 12, 2012

    If you want great windows at a great price check with Window World. We love our windows we got last year. Ozone filled glass. Coated to reflect most of the heat from the sun. 15 windows $4605 installed.

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  • Ro
      Jul 17, 2012

    We just went through a 3 hour presentation last night that was supposed to last 1 hour and even though I expected a good sales pitch, I never dreamed what we were about to witness. The "one time only" offer came early (he had to get one last sale to make a full truck shipment to our area). That's when I told him that nothing will kill a sale faster than having that kind of sales pitch thrown at me. It didn't even phase him. It became quite comical, like watching a Saturday Night Live skit on every possible sales pitch ever delivered. He even wanted his boss to give us a good deal because he could tell we were Christians from the things we had displayed. I didn't feel pressure though, I actually thought it was entertaining until he left the room to get the window display and I made a comment (joke) to my wife about the situation (I had already figured we were talking about $1000 per window) when she said MAYBE WE COULD JUST PUT THEM IN THE BEDROOMS. All of a sudden it wasn't funny anymore! He left at 10pm without a sale but I wouldn't let them in the house with someone that can't handle the pitch. I think it would have been a good learning experience for my adult children if they could have sit through it with us.

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  • Ki
      Jan 09, 2013

    I am having my windows installed as I read these post. No complaints so far. I really cannot say we ere pressure sold. My only regret is not talking down the price more after reading posts. You pay for quality. Beau "Bo" was our salesman and we were very impressed with his personality. Great customer service when calling the 800 number. I will post if any negative results from this purchase but as to-date nothing but professional. Installer wonderful and and personable.

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  • So
      Jan 15, 2014

    Had my presentation today by Scott. I must admit that a lot of what I have just read I did experience but Scott was nice and he really tried to help me. I can honestly say I appreciate the way he was careful to answer all of my questions and make every effort to offer me a deal that I was able to afford. He was very thorough in his explanations of what he had to offer and what was not an option for his company. I'm excited about having new high quality windows in my house and I look forward to smaller utility bills. The windows are beautiful and I especially like the safety features. I really believe that you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.

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  • Re
      Feb 19, 2014

    I also had these windows installed if you can survive the sales (pitch) the windows are of good quality. Our sales man was at our house for 4hrs. But could care less if we bought the windows, so that was a relief and was one reason we bought our windows. I'm glad our sales pitch was no pressure. I told them that they really need to shorten their pitch time. The Installer were the best part of the buy, they worked for 13 hrs. to get done in one day.

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  • Ct
      Mar 19, 2014

    My wife and I just went through the 3 hr sales pitch last night. Ended up biting on the price. I don't believe it's the best possible price now after talking to other people who have bought them, but I do believe it's at least a fair price. They do seem to be of high quality, and you normally have to pay for a decent product. Funny part is I hear people bragging about Window World...HA They were 3, 000 higher and didn't even have a demo window. Just a pamphlet... My wife is more burnt on the price than I am and plans to call them today to call them out on it. We'll see if she gets anywhere, probably not. Oh well. Hopefully the install goes well, as some of mine are set in stonework. Pain in the @$$ to replace... She even tried to get them to put down in writing that if we didn't save 30% on our utility bill that we'd get them for I love her... I think the salesman needed a drink when she got done pressuring him lol

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  • Dp
      May 26, 2014

    I purchased windows from Windows USA several years ago, and yes, the sales pitch was long. I had previously worked in sales and knew what to expect, we were very interested in purchasing replacement windows. That does make a difference. Having said that, our experience with this company has been wonderful. They DO stand behind their product and are well worth the money. We had previously bought "Sears" windows and were not at all happy with the quality of them and especially the warranty (Sears warranty is worthless). Windows USA replaced a patio door that was not to our satisfaction (leaking air) at NO CHARGE, believe it or not. The windows are pricey, but what you get is well worth the price several times over. The windows we replaced several years ago are still as easy to open and air tight as the day we had them installed. We will be replacing the "Sears glass" (windows open, Sears do not after 7 years) with Windows USA.

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  • Ex
      Oct 15, 2014

    Yes, the company has a well rehersed sales pitch. Their whole program from start to finish is commendable. The problem is that the window is not of consumer friendly design. To start; if you will notice, all the edges is not ground down far enough so to have spurs that will scratch and snag clothing. This also makes it harder to open because it causes to fit tighter in the pocket. The older weaker consumers have a hard time opening the windows. The night latches are a joke, way to hard to operate, a lot of people cannot even see to operate them. You need finger nails to pop them out. The vinyl frames on a lot of them are bowed and out of square from the factor; poor assembly. And the worst feature of them all is the pocket window design! This goes for all manufacturers. Stay away from the pocket window! This means the window goes down into a slot in the bottom of the window seal; not a slope seal as desired. This pocket design is trouble. Lets face it; most people do not clean windows. The pocket window is harder to clean than the slope sill. So if you ignore the dirt build up in the bottom of the seal it will clog up the drain holes and water will fill the pocket causing water to run over into your home. If you ever find water on your interior seal this is most likely the cause of it. You do not want a window that water drains into and through the bottom of the window. Does that really make sense? If water drains into little holes or slots into a compartment that you cannot even see, then comes out on the outside, you are guaranteed to have future problems! What makes this company commendable is their service after the sale. They are normally on the problem quickly, that being said (it is most of the time the water draining problem) with a service tech to resolve the problem. But think about ; if you was selling a top of the line window as they claim, why would you need all the service techs they have to run around the country to steadily fix problems with the windows? Again I say; stay away from the pocket window design! Buy only a slope sill design where water drains from the surface.

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  • Wm
      Jan 09, 2015

    Has anyone noticed their power bill decreasing?

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  • Am
      Jul 19, 2015

    We had our presentation about 3 weeks ago. The price for 10 windows & patio door started at 13k, told them no, they then offered $11k I said no, then they offered $6600.00 for $99.00 a month through Wells Fargo Bank at a very low interest rate. We took the offer & can't wait to have them installed on Tuesday. Our neighbors are the ones who referred us after theirs were put in & they love them, & they said their air hardly ever runs. Not to mention, they look AWESOME!!!

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  • Mo
      Sep 15, 2016

    I feel like I was pressured into buying the windows. These people don't take the answer NO very well.After telling them no about 5or 6 times they con you by stating that the money you make from referrals is going to make your payments easier, but they don't tell you that they do some kind of background check on your referrals before they even contact them so if your referrals don't check out a-ok, then they are not even going to waste they're time calling them .I turned in about 28 referrals almost 2 years ago and I have received around 700.00 from Windows USA. yet they keeps calling for MORE referrals.I insisted on them calling the referrals I have already turned in but they claim they cant catch them at home...Oh really!! after calling for 2 years? Well my advice to you is get the 100.00 gift card and then put those con artist out of your house or you will be stuck in debt paying for very expensive windows by yourself definitely not by referrals.

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  • Ca
      Nov 02, 2016

    I had a similar experience with this company and I felt Really Pressured to buy these expensive windows. The price is Ridiculous! What we all need to do is complain to the Better Business Bureau. This company has an A+ rating with them. Partially because no one is filing any complaints. The other reason is because you can pay a fee to the BBB and that will get you a good rating. Yes the BBB has been complained on, so they are not perfect.

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  • Ki
      Jun 28, 2017

    My husband and I purchased Alaskan Windows and we love them. We have been in our house for 17 years and this was our first major upgrade for our home. With everything else that we go to purchase it comes with a price, a sales pitch, truth or untruth, etc... I LOVE my windows and they really have added value to my home. I had seven put in or my husband did and again we really glad we did. It wasn't the 100.00 that got my attention, it was the product. Yes, the presentation was very long and could be shorten if they really want to accumulate more customers, nonetheless we made it through. Just last week our door got stuck or shifted and we could not get in our home. We were able to get through one of our windows due to the way it allowed us to take the screen off without any damages to it. We just so happen to not have the security locks out and my husband was able to get in and let us in. I am excited about how they operate and if anything should go wrong with them they are life time guaranteed. Everything in life has it's pros and cons, but from a truly living testimony the windows have greatly benefited us. What I have shared is not against anyone's testimony, but it was to tell of ours.

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  • Jo
      Jul 11, 2017

    I'm thrilled with my windows!!! Can't wait to compare my elec bill this summers to last...we'll see. Two 12 hour days for 9 windows...Chad was amazing, nonstop, even cleaned them and hung new blinds for me. He left not a trace of trash behind and put everything back as he found it. One window was cracked and quickly reported.Don't know how long it'll take to replace, hopefully not too long. Wish I would have had more referrals for them...I would highly recommend them at this point...even more so once the broken one is replaced! Thank ya'll for a job well done...Joni...Nashville, TN.

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  • Te
      Jul 31, 2017

    We had an excellent sales person. We were already looking for windows. Yes, there is a pitch... yes, we know that the price is definitely going to be more because someone has to make a profit... but it was still in the acceptable range. The windows were excellent... the installation guy was extremely nice and informative... and at the end of installing the windows, the end of a huge curtain rod fell on it... it did not even crack. Our electric bill did go down, the people were professional, overall great. It was annoying about the referrals, but I took it just like any other salesperson; I have caller ID, and if I didn't want to be hassled, I just did not pick up the phone. All the other companies we asked about windows, would add a price here for this and that. I like that the price was set no matter what happens when they started. All those 'extra" expenses reminds me of airline tickets... It may seem like a deal, but once they get you one the hook, you have all those extra fees. I just want one price, get it done, and keep your end of the bargain.

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  • Bo
      Nov 14, 2017

    I went through the same higj pressure sales pitch which made me feel like I was buying a car.Started out with outrageous price for 13 windows but.after 3 hours the salesman got it to 600 a window but one is a bow 4 piece window that is challenging to install.They have well built products, good installers, great warranty .But they really need to ease up on their sales tactics. Bob in La.

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  • Ol
      Jan 25, 2018

    This is the second home I had windows in from Windows USA. The first house was in northern Oklahoma and really made a difference in utilities. I loved the windows so much I told my friend Steve in Snyder Texas about them and he bought them. I had a window broke and they sent a replacement in 48 hours..
    I bought a house in Brownwood Texas and payed a steep price for twelve windows. I haven't had them a year yet and four would not lock after opening them. I called Windows USA and a friendly sounding lady informed me I probably pulled the windows towards me and that I need push them in and lock them. I asked if I had to do this every time I open the windows. She said they would reshape their self. Funny the years I had the same brand windows a few years ago I had no problems. My neighbor across the street listen to the sales pitch and planning on buying windows as soon as he sales some lots he owns at the lake. I'm going to tell him today when he gets home to run from Windows USA. I still have 2 very expensive windows that don't lock.
    Windows USA quality must have gone down hill like many other products. I wish I would have bought some windows at my local lumber yard, I would not feel so bad that they don't lock. You pay for quality you expect quality!

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  • Pa
      Feb 02, 2018

    we were not interested they lowered the price where we were all in agreement. The windows have served us well for the last 14 years and we have had two recently broken that we are about to get replaced. Our only complaint was with the caulking job around the windows. They told us it was paintable and it is not. It was suppose to be clear but has yellowed over the years and is not very becoming if you look closely. However we are perfectly satisfied with the windows and the work done by the installers. We have recommended them to many over the years.

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  • Ol
      Feb 09, 2018

    @Pat3142 Brown I called Windows USA and they gladly sent a technician out. He adjusted a couple windows and still told me it is my fault the windows don't close and lock easily. I never thought I would pay over seven thousand for windows you have to baby. They don't tell you that you have to remember not to put to much or too too little pressure on them to close and lock them in the sales pitch. The first windows I bought from Windows USA were much better. They are good at sending out a service man, and great at replacing a broken one. You decide if these windows are worth the money.

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  • Pa
      Feb 02, 2018

    We went thru the same speel in 2004 when we were looking for windows. We told them we were not interested and they lowered the price until we were all in agreement. The windows have served us well for the last 14 years and we have had two recently broken that we are about to get replaced. Our only complaint was with the caulking job around the windows. They told us it was paintable and it is not. It was suppose to be clear but has yellowed over the years and is not very becoming if you look closely. However we are perfectly satisfied with the windows and the work done by the installers. We have recommended them to many over the years.

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