Windows USA Complaints & Reviews

Windows USA / inadequate installation

Jun 06, 2019

On November 9, 2012, I had 11 windows installed at 3 Skylake Court, Columbus Georgia. This year, I notice substantial amount of rain in the frame. After investigating the outside, caulking was not done and added wood not painted during the installation, causing leakage over the year...

Windows USA / lead installer

Oct 28, 2018

I was given the opportunity to work for this company second day on the job I was talking to the lead installer told him I was part Spanish then he proceeded to talk trash on Hispanics then asked if my mother new who was my real father so he's racist and so basically called my mother is a...

Windows USA / Total Schemers!


I just sat through the Windows USA incredibly well rehearsed and plotted sales pitch... talk about ruthless! During the pitch I thought it was kind of funny how everytime I said no to their sky high prices they salesman, who couldn't even get his printer/scanner to work properly...

Windows USA / Vinyl Windows


Wow. I call to have them give me a quote and for having them come out I would receive a $100 gift Walmart Card. Before I could get the card my wife and I had to give both of our SS# they told me it was to varify that I owned my home (that was a lie it was to run my credit without my...