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Castle Windows - Windows

I had 14 windows replaced 8yrs ago.. The same 2 windows wouldn't stay open.. this is the 3rd time.. Tech came out and said he had to order replacements parts and it would be 2 weeks.. it's now 2mo...

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Castle Windows - Windows

I hired Castle to install a garden window and 4 small cellar windows at the hi pressure price of $4500.00 The promised to install in one day They were suppose to install 2 glass shelves in the...

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Castle Windows - Customer service and workmanship

Let me start by saying I love my window and door, it was a long time planning hopefully the quality will hold up.

The job started in June, we were told by the salesman and the gentlemen who came to measure, that it would be a one day job. Per the salesman, I needed to call and make an appointment for measurements to be done, when I called I was assured by an employee that they had all the measurements and I would be called when the windows were ready. The following Tuesday I arrived home from work to find a note that we had an appointment for measurements to be taken and no one was home. When I called to find out what was going on, the women I spoke with talked to me like I was a child and stated that "the girl I spoke with the week before made a mistake". At this point it was too late to cancel, my check had already been cashed, you only get 3 days to cancel.
The work began the end of June. We were informed when the workers first arrived, "this is not a one day job", as a matter of fact, they didn't even have the materials with them to complete the job. Was advised to call the following week to schedule for the work to be complete. Was told by staff, siding had to be ordered would be in by the end of the next week. After not hearing anything for two weeks, I called and was told siding was just ordered the day before and a manager would call me Monday to advise me as to what was going on. I called again the following Friday demanding to speak with a manager, after not receiving a call back, and was told siding would not be in for two more weeks. At this point we still had no inside walls. A week later my husband called and asked if the workers could come back and install the sheetrock, so we could put the inside back together while waiting on the siding. The next day the siding was in, so we made an appointment for the work to be completed, our appointment was for 9am-11am the following week. The day before we got a call, there was an issue, they moved the appointment to 2pm. Workers did not arrive till after 3pm, did call and advise us they would be late. After they left we noticed many issues: the siding was not the same, but blended ok. Spackle was every where, clumps on the new molding, on the wall, smeared on the floor. One seam around the window was taped the other three were not, some screw holes were covered some were not. Sheetrock was cracked in some areas or paper was ripped and not spackled. Molding around the door was put up crooked and only nailed in half way up the door on both sides. Sheetrock was cut short around outlets and clumps of spackle were put in to fill in the void. My husband told me to get them back to fix it, but I begged him to fix it just so I didn't have to deal with this company again. When he moved the molding the sheetrock underneath was cut short, the crooked molding covered it.
It was a very expensive job and we don't feel we got what we paid for.

We purchased a sliding glass door about two years ago from Castles. Very pleased with the product. We did not expect them to hound us to death afterwords. We were put on the do not call list and in three days they called four times. This was from Mechanicsburg Pa. When we called the number they claimed it wasn't Castles. For this reason only I never will buy from them again.

Oct 31, 2015

Castle Windows - You must chase them... And then hope they'll follow through!

First, let me say that I’ve worked in the Construction Industry all my life… most currently as a Project Manager so I’m not a naïve person who knows nothing about windows or their installation. I’m at a point in my life where it benefits me to have other people do work for me that in the past I would have done myself. I’m also the type of person who never seems to have the time nor desire to give product or company reviews but this time I felt compelled to let others know about my experience. We had a large window that we wanted to replace in the front of our home. It’s approximately 10’ wide by 4’ high. I requested an in home sales consultation from Castle Windows, “The Window People” located at 109 Gaither Dr., Unit 309, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054 and 17 Brenneman Circle, Suite A, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. A Castle Window sales consultant came to our home (15 minutes late) on October 3, 2015 after postponing his originally scheduled appointment from the day before. We decided to go with Castle Windows to have a replacement window unit installed. The sales consultant said the replacement unit would be installed in approximately 6 weeks but that he’d try to expedite it and have it installed in 5 weeks. I gave the sales consultant a check for $700 as a down payment. He didn’t have the contract forms that he needed but said if I didn’t mind he’d mail me one in a couple of days and if I’d just complete the form where indicated and put it back in the mail we’d be good to go. After the first week of not receiving this contract as promised and no contact whatsoever from their joke of a salesman, I called Castle Windows to ask what was going on. Let me just say that Castle Windows’ offices/customer service turned out to be as big of a circus as the clown they sent to my home. Customer service reps on several occasions said they’d have a manager call me but the calls never came. After about a week of chasing Castle Windows to try to give them my business (now two weeks had gone by and my order’s still not in Castle Windows’ “system”) I get a call from Bozo, Castle’s Sales Consultant. He said he’d hand deliver the contract and we’d get this straightened out. He never showed up…no call, no anything…he just never showed. I chased Castle and Bozo the sales rep some more to try to give them my business. Finally, after about three weeks after the original sales consultation in my home on October 3, 2015, I get a call from a Castle Window rep who sets an appointment with me in a few days for one of their men to come to my home to measure for the window unit. The day of this appointment I get a call that the appointment would have to be rescheduled for the next day (seeing a pattern here? Initial sales consultation was rescheduled and now measurement appointment was too). We came home later that same day to find a contract form filled out by Bozo laying on our breezeway. As I started to review the contract I noticed that my name was spelled wrong. After all the calls you’d think they’d be able to spell my last name correctly… especially since they had my check in their possession for the last three weeks! Oh well, I was still willing to continue with the transaction if nothing else pops up…and then it does…at the end of the contract I see a fill in the blank of “Estimated Installation Date:”. Bozo has handwritten in this field “January, 2016” !! The last time I looked at a calendar January is not 5-6 weeks past Oct. 3rd. By that point, Castle Windows had wasted enough of my time. My confidence in them was shattered…I mean, if I have to chase a company like this just to get a signed contract with them to get them started, what will I go through to get the window installed?? And I can’t imagine the hassle I’d be put through if I had to contact them with a warranty issue!! No thanks Castle! I cancelled my check and called Castle Windows to tell them not to bother sending their measurement guy. They proceeded to tell me that I’d have to follow some cancellation procedure and they’d have one of their managers call me. I said I don’t have to do anything…I have no signed contract with Castle Windows and I’ve cancelled the down payment check. They said they were sorry for the inconvenience and a Castle Window manager would be calling me…you guessed it…no one ever called! Moral of my story is don’t waste your time with Castle Windows. Home Depot will install a better quality window with a warranty that’s as good as or better than Castle Windows’. My take on Castle Windows is that they strive for sales quantity and score poorly in customer satisfaction. It became obvious to me that there’s a disconnect in their system that causes poor communication between their sales people and their main offices. If Castle Windows’ intercommunication is poor think how you’ll pull your hair out trying to communicate with them…I know… I’ve lived it…it’s VERY frustrating! The only thing Castle Windows “The Window People” did for me was to cost me a month of my time and the $10 I had to pay to cancel my down payment check. Buyer beware…steer clear of Castle Windows…they can’t keep up with their ambitions.

Wish I had read your review before I spent $$$$ on replacement front and back doors. I am currently having an identical experience and it has become a nightmare.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Castle Windows - Completely inept at business

We purchased 15 windows, 1 bay window, 1 front door with transom, and 1 rear sliding door from Castle. Nearly $17K if i remember without my receipts in front of me. We did it in 3 separate jobs. Top (9), bay window, bottom and doors. When we did the tops, we went through their "sales guy" and he took the check and we got no information. No estimated date, no phonecalls, nothing. After over a month we called and they said "oh it'll be two more weeks" two more weeks and still no calls. Called again and they said they were in. Then we did the bay window (bow window). Called for a price again and found out the "sales guy" had quoted us about $2000 more than what they quote when you call. Nice. We got the window and waited. waited. waited. 2 months, it finally came in. Do you know how we found out? we had to call them... again. No communication. They send 3 guys to put in an 800lb window. None of them spoke english. only one could barely understand. These 3 guys, equipped with painters ladders proceed to drop the window from the 2nd story and the one guy lands on top of it. Thank god he wasn't seriously injured. I was the one who had to help him up because his pals didn't want to be responsible for the window. It also damaged the siding on the way down, so there were dents all along the front of myhouse. I was the one to call the supervisor because they didn't know who it was. I was the one who helped them do their job and put the broken window in so we didn't have a hole in our home for another month while they made a new window. The 2nd window came and the guys they sent spoke english - but only the vulgar words. My wife couldn't believe her ears with the flood of profanity they were spewing out with her standing right there. When that was finally in, we thought hard about using castle again but thought "the product looks good, surely they can't screw up 3 jobs in a row". Boy they can. We ordered the windows and doors at the same time. Over a month later, no calls. I called again and they said they would schedule the install for a couple weeks. The day comes --- no doors. I call again, apparently the doors were broken at the factory. Nobody told us, so we had to take off YET ANOTHER DAY to be home so they could install the doors. We waited another month and a half for the doors. No calls - i called them again, they set up install. The day comes to install the doors and the guys put up the doors --- with the wrong color capping. REALLY??!!! No worries, we'll come back and fix it. "OK but just make sure you bring enough for the back door" my wife said. They said "what back door?". Apparently they were never told to do the back door. Why? Because the back door was apparently BUILD BACKWARDS at the warehouse and never shipped. Nobody told us. No one at that place communicates, so now we have to take ANOTHER day off to have the back door put in and have the front door re-capped. We've taken a total of 4 days off of work to have 6 windows and two doors installed. Amazing. They won't even bother giving any sort of discount. They just keep saying "sorry sorry sorry sorry" but refuse to do anything. Do not use Castle windows. Trust me, it's not worth it. I could only imagine what's going to happen if we need to do a warranty replacement. I might add that on every occasion, their installers were at least 20 minutes late. I will say that one of those times, the guy actually called to say he would be late, which was a nice change.

Castle Windows - Home Windows

In March/05' we purchased a complete home window replacement including the French doors at the kitchen area. We have the contract to the tune of approx. $ 9, 200.00. The salesman was rude after the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Castle Windows - Salesperson nasty, unprofessional

I live in a gated adult community. The salesperson came in unauthorized through the resident gate with a resident in front of him. He was very rude, unprofessional and came out with very nasty comments. He did not like the fact that I have educated myself on windows. I read other reviews and I would never consider ever using them for window purchases.

Castle Windows - Poor service

They over promise and under deliver. The main customer service guy in the north NJ office is an outright jerk and I can’t believe he deals with customers. They failed to deliver on their own promise of having the project done within four to five weeks and were down right arrogant when discussing it with them. They use car sales tactics and want to come to your home to do the sales pitch. You are better off from a price, service, quality and time standpoint if you hire a handy man and buy windows from home depot.

Arrogant, bragging sales person (he claimed to be the manager) visited regarding repairing or replacing a sliding patio door. He showed an impressive lockable door handle but seemed unable, or unwilling, to show the thermal glass design. Writing on the back of a piece of paper he came up with a price of $3600 but that it would be $940 less if I signed up immediately! When I said I would never purchase anything under that type of sales pressure he became rude calling my 30 year old Anderson sliders "condominium quality" and left hurriedly but not before leaving his trashed coffee cup in my driveway. My advice is to stay away from this company.

When Castle replaced our windows the installer smeared caulk on our sofa. It was not just a accidental glop that went unseen. The caulk was wiped with a finger then left to dry and ruin my sofa cushion. I was very upset and called Castle as soon as I noticed it. If the installer had the drop cloth over the sofa it would never have done damage. OR if he had cleaned it completely right away or even said something to me I could have cleaned the water soluble caulk fight away and the sofa would have been saved from damage. But NO! he wiped it with a finger and, I guess, hoped I would not notice. Castle sent someone out to my house TWICE to take pictures and REPEATEDLY PROMISED to pay for the recovering of the sofa AND MATCHING CHAIR. BUT every time I called (about 5 times!) the person who needed to handle the problem was conveniently "not in" and I was told "someone would call me to 'work things out' ". I have been repeatedly called by Castle and HARASSED for more business, but can't seen to get the promised call for Castle to "work things out". I have asked to be removed from the call list every time I was called AND reminded the caller I was STILL owed money for my sofa. I have been repeatedly IGNORED and brushed off when is comes to paying for the damage Castle caused.

Last week I was called yet again for more business. I again told the caller about my sofa and I was hung up on! I called back and was hung up on 2 MORE times while waiting to speak to a supervisor. The 4th time I told the girl who answered if I was hung up on again I would call Better Business Bureau and only then did I get someone to talk to. I was told to get a receipt or quote and call back. When I called back to get an email to send the requested quotes I was hung up on 4 MORE TIMES. CASTLE IS NOT CANCERENED with resolving issues!!!

Hello my name is Kathy and I work in the quality control department for Castle, I would like to speak to you regarding your concerns. If someone from our company was rude to you I would like to hear about it as we do not tolerate that kind of treatment from any of our employees. Please call me at [protected] I am the only Kathy here.

Castle Windows - Does not provide follow up service

They installed incorrect balances in a window so it won't stay open. It took 2 scheduled appointments to finally get a technician here to tell us why it wouldn't stay open. They had to order parts to fix the ones that (and I quote the tech) "...are clearly not the correct ones for this window" (so why did they install it???) . After that appointment there was no word from them for 2 months, so I finally called them to find out the status of my parts. First conversation was that they had no record that parts were needed or ordered. Then after another month of no contact, again calling them, I was advised the parts were conveniently being shipped at the end of the week. I set the appointment to have the correct balances installed. We got a call the day of the installation to say their technician called in sick and there is absolutely NO ONE else that can do the work. I paid for windows in November and in July I still have not got a working window, but they have my money. If you ask for a supervisor, the phone rep will do all they can to not pass you up the line. If you do stick to your guns and get a manager, all they can do is say "I'm sorry" and will do nothing more to resolve the problem (all Mr. Installation Manager said he could do was give me the sick technician's phone number so I could take it up with him and schedule the next appointment...guess he's a great boss too). I WILL NEVER HAVE A GOOD THING TO SAY ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND THEIR TREATMENT OF ME. Taking 8 months to get a working window is ridiculous and not having any party responsible for any part of the resolution process lends me to believe this is just a volume installation provider, not a quality customer service provider.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Castle Windows - service/set up

I should have known better than to meet with Castle Windows when they insisted that my husband and I both be present, as this is not an easy task for us. The sales person was a fast talker and told us we had to make a decision right then if we wanted the discussed price. Again, we should have walked away. We paid close to $6, 000 for 11 windows. They measured incorrectly twice and brought the wrong style of window once. It was months and months before all of the windows were installed. Customer service was not very friendly and I never received an apology. They they were not tidy and tracked dirt all though the house. One of the windows is very hard to open. Another can't be opened without the window falling forward into the tilt position. They now call me up to four times a day (and hang up if I don't answer) to see if they can offer me any other services. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Hello my name is Kathy and I work for Castle Windows, I have just come across you comment and would like to talk to you in regards to your concerns. Please contact me at [protected].

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Castle Windows - payment for non work

Salesman would not leave my house till I gave him a check to secure the best price. Cancelled order before taking measurements and have lawyers after me to collect $1, 550 for work never done.. I received threatening phone calls. I asked them to hold the check till I had funds to cover and they went ahead to deposit the check anyway. STAY away from these thugs. Much better companies out there!!!

Castle Windows contacted me and resolved the issue

Hello Ray,
My name is Kathy and I work for Castle windows. I have located your file based on the information that you provided. You did sign a legal contract with Castle and you never canceled the contract so we moved forward with the job as we would with any contract. We did not even know that canceling was even in your plans until we were already in the normal process as we would with any other job and that was only because we received the canceled check back that you had stopped payment on 13 days after you signed the contract. We tried to make a payment arrangement with you to fit within your budget, we tried to work with you and you led us to believe that you wanted to work with us. On July 24th you stated you would call us back with what you could do (which the original contract was written in March well outside of the 3 day rescission period) and we never received a call back nor were we able to contact you again. We sent you a letter stating that you were in breach of contract and if you disputed the dept you had to call us back or we would have to send your account to collections. The so called threatening phone calls you got were from a collection agent that you also ignored so they sent you to their lawyers. You always had the right to dispute the debt but you never did. I welcome a call from you; however I can no longer get the account from collections since it is now in their lawyer’s hands. I wish you would have handled this the proper way we would have been able to avoid this whole mess.

This issue was very fairly resolved

To me, Castle Windows does not keep their end of a bargain, a contract. They fall back on the fine print of the contract, particularly the part where you signed your right away to have any dispute resolved in a fair and honest way i.e. small claims court. In my case they were not able to complete the job, so they agreed to accept payment for what was done. Now that it is winter I am being harassed to have them come, some 3 months later, to complete the job after they accepted payment for what was completed. They are completely unreasonable. Their incessant contact can be considered harassment. My last interaction with them ended with a sinister "We will then have to get the money by other means" Please beware! Do business with an honest firm.

Castle Windows - Top Quality and Service

We purchased our 26 windows and one sliding glass door from Castle Windows four and a half years ago. We couldn't be happier with that purchase. We researched the market and Castle was the best fit...

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