Window World / improper installation

Minneapolis, MN, United States

I purchased a Front Window with two side "slides". The instaler came in with cheap pine board and I called them on it. He promptly went to get the proper Oak which was ordered for the boarders and installed the Window. Behold, later the window did not fit on the right side. It would not slide far enough to the left to lock. My home is not secure(window wise) and I cannot get the warranty dept. to work w/me despite I have a claim. I have sent in the proper paperwork. After 45days(what they say they need to process) I phoned. Excuses are "repair person is not in will call tomorrow" = no call. I call back in 2 days(friday) "they wont be in until monday, sorry, whats your # will have them call you then"...No call I wait and call tuesday, They are not here, will have them call you tommorow"...
This went on for a couple of weeks and is STILL going on. I am going to have to call them again this morning(thursday) and explain this all over again.
I sent all was needed, forms, pictures with descriptions and all receipts. They just dont care! BBB credited? Not in my experience.

Feb 21, 2013

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