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S Nov 28, 2017

Good day

We went on a family holiday the past weekend, we went to Nelspruit. On Saturday 25 Novemeber 2017, we decided to have brunch at the Wimpy at I'langa Mall.

My husband ordered the lamb meal that was on the menu, we also order the jug of cold drink, when we tasted the cold drink, it was completely flat, we asked our waiter to please take it back as it was completely flat and extremely horrible to drink, when we got our meals, my husbands lamb chops were not cooked well inside, it was still very red - we asked the waiter to please have it sorted out - she took his meal to the kitchen and brought it back a few minutes later. When we cut the chops, we seen that it was still not done. I then called for a manager. She seen that the meat was not well done and apologised.

We asked for our bill and we were charged the full value of his meal, now paying the amount was not the issue, it was the principle behind it, he never ate his meal, what were paying for? Even his chips were untouched.
I advised the manager that I was not prepared to pay R143.90 for his meal that he did not eat much off, I accepted to pay half of that as he ate 1 piece of chop. After an almost huge argument, the manager took our slip and returned stating that she discounted it by R20.00. I asked her what good was that as he never ate his food. She said to me that they already not charging me for the jug of coke and she took R20.00 of the bill.

Please bare in mind that we did not drink the coke. We took a sip and returned it. She did not do us a favour by taking that off the bill.

She started having a really bad attitude telling me that I should pay what I feel is necessary as she doesn't understand how I can not pay for it when he ate the food, (as mentioned above, she acknowledged that his food was not well done and apologized- she seen the meat in his plate) and walked away from our table.

We paid half the price for his meal, even though I had every right not to pay for his meal at all as 3 chops and a full plate of chips went back to the kitchen.

I am really disappointed that we drove four hours from Johannesburg to have that kind of service, his birthday was the 21st and that was the reason for the weekend getaway and it was his first time at Wimpy - it is extremely disappointing. Your brand has lost 4 customers due to the bad service from the manager and the failure to rectify a problem in the kitchen.
We had the decency to ask them to cook it properly before escalating it to management.

What is the principle of your brand and what is the standard that you live by?

I am so angry by the service that I want to take this to social media and let everyone I know understand that Wimpy does not believe in customer service and do not take pride in what they do in the kitchen or the service that they present to their clients.

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