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Sorry wimpy, i apologise for trying to have a breakfast at your Fochville branch . i am also very sorry i had to inconvenience your staff to wait 2 minutes at your "wait to be seated sign" to be taken to a open seat where the whole restaurant only had 10 patrons in at that moment, i`m rally sorry to ask for a drink with my partner, i could see this by your frouning waitress that had to be told 3 times what we want, and waiting 10 minutes for a cream soda and ice coffee, , sorry to inconvenience for the mega breakfast and cheese griller we ordered with the drinks(at that same time hey). we didn`t know that the kitchen staff wan`t in the mood for making anybody breakfast.. we apologise for sitting and waiting half an hour for food we ordered and we had to stand up and leave before we had to eat.. seemingly as we had a clear view of your kitchen. no food was prepared.. we then went to the counter, and sorry .. we paid for our drinks and voiced our apology to your manager that looked like she wanted rid of us.. every staff member seemed a bit relieved as we went away. o yes i got SARAH`s number. and trying to phone the woman her phone is off. so please apologise to her as well please.. Sorry wimpy, we will nwver ever be a inconvenience and eat anything from you again, like normal friendly patrons

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      Nov 03, 2012

    Wimpy, Table view- Bay-side mall, cape Town.My wife and I decided to have a light lunch-en, the order was placed and with in no time the lunch arrived, I was SHOCKED when I saw the plate on which the food had been placed, One could see that the plate had been wiped out with a OILY FATTY DISH CLOTH, This to me was so unhygienic and disgusting, I requested for the manger and a lady came out to attend to my needs, she inspected and agreed that the plate was filthy and removed it. She asked if she could replace it. I decline due to the poor hygiene standards.
    Prior to leaving, I requested to see the franchise holder who was in the office, his his name was Russel, I asked if he aware of what had transpired with the my lunch-en and the unhygienic plate, he said no. This shows that they don't even report matters to the owner or on site manager and there matters can't be improved.
    Based on the unhygienic condition of the food served I will NEVER EVER visit or use that wimpy in Bay-side mall again.

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